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Customizable immediately alarm, service life prediction, visualization of disk usage of 18th October 2013, Taipei, Taiwan – iNNODISK, developer and manufacturer of SSDs for industrial and embedded applications, continues its innovations with an update of iSMART’s proprietary technology. The latest update, iSMART 3.2 offers even more features, including data logging and usage analysis for early detection of errors, and to help the selection of the appropriate model for future purchases. Innodisks iSMART is able to monitor all storage systems in a system, Innodisks SATA III SSD included. It provides clear and easy-to-understand instructions, figures, tables and graphics that enable system integrators and users to check the drive status and power, to gather temperature, free space, and status at a glance. It also warns users if the predicted life span to end, so can be replaced the unit in time and thus potential mistakes avoided.

In addition to the Providing critical drive information, provides iSMART additional security through email notification and one-touch features. Also offers iSMART dynamic power management, to achieve the targets for environmentally responsible low power consumption – for example, with a 35-percent saving in idle. To minimize adjustable email alarm to maintenance costs, the user on criteria such as temperature, lifetime, and email-based space can set up notifications which massively reduces the necessary man-hours for the monitoring of embedded systems. One-touch feature ease of use is a prerequisite; iSMARTs one-touch mode can save hours of Setup and maintenance, by it the user simple one-touch access to core features such as file read-only or Stromsparfeatures allows. New in iSMART 3.2 – life prediction and visualization of the drive use the latest update of iSMART, version 3.2, now dominates data logging. This includes the recording of disk usage, as well as the Separation of reading – and writes into sequential and random categories, making it easier, to discover and to predict the service life based on your usage profile. The iSMART usage information will help users to find out whether they bought the right product for their specific purpose, to save the software for even more performance einszutellen and even money, by ensuring that the right device to the profile of use of is selected for future purchases. Holistic solution iNNODISK offers a system that is tailor-made for industrial PCs and embedded applications, as well as long-term support customers by iSMART.

INNODISK employs a dedicated team for research, production and testing in-house, and is able to offer hardware and firmware modifications for customers. The iSMART software is for operating systems Windows XP SP3, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Linux (kernel 2.6, 32-bit) available. There is also a Linux API for easy integration and access to data for other applications. The added value through features like iSMART makes a real storage solution from a product. System integrators and other users can use iSMART, to strengthen their own relationships with its clients and partners by individually adjusting the iSMART software with company name, logo, contact information, and other company details. Learn more about iSMART at: tiny.