Puppy Food

What kind of food should I give my puppy? Small must be fed breast milk ideally up to 45 days of life, this helps ensure that your system immune is in perfect condition to begin with the commercial power. For those puppies weaned early there are dairy substitutes that replaced the lack of breast milk and have very good results in small. Day 45 of life, as they already have milk teeth, becomes them offer pellet. Little by little it may go mixing them with lukewarm water until they become accustomed to that this is your new food; This food must be for pup up to 12 months where you switch to adult food. It is good to feed it with milk or homemade food? It is not recommended to give him milk that us consume since cats and dogs do not possess the ability to tolerate lactose, so puppies often have bloating, flatulence and swell more than normal which makes it uncomfortable. On the other hand, the home cooking is a risk when owners are exposed to the dog and cat to eat with her.

When these are given meals extra, often occur as displays of affection or love animals. There is a myth that it is believed that if they are added to the diet of the animal table scraps and other meals for people, increases the taste and the animal enjoy more food. However some foods for human consumption only are harmful if they represent a large proportion of animal diet, in other cases may be totally unsuitable for pets and should not be at all. Some owners insist on giving at least small amounts of homemade meals to their pets. The high quality pellet should contain everything you need dog or cat in your diet and should be well balanced. If our structurally receive extra food, this unbalance the intake of nutrients in the diet.