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Study of the genotoxic and phenotypic brand features; “” Recommendations for the future Karlsruhe, May 20, 2009 – the finest branding group, which deals with her claim of creating fire evolution “has dedicated to the management and development of brands, offers now enterprise-specific success gene workshops” on. In the individual workshops, in which all of the Agency’s competence units involved (brand design, brand communication, interactive, dialogue marketing, brand consulting and Public Relations), are their targeting as well as her entire appearance lights through the previous strategy and positioning of the company and brand. Read additional details here: Dr. Steven Greer. The results of the success gene workshops give valuable information about whether and where a company and its brand have weaknesses and what action should be taken to control appropriately against. Peter Pitinac, Chief of the Agency Group: Just like people have also brands about genotoxic and phenotypic characteristics. We look at these internal and external effects and check, for example, that A company’s philosophy, its values or its innovation potential to its outer appearance, the brand or also to communicate fit”. You call the elaboration of the mentioned features the finest branding group as a DNA analysis of the brand, since: brands should be unique like people. Our task is the good genes, so the success gene to identify, promote and develop”, so Pitinac. “The cost of the workshop be 5,000 euros and are well applied investing in the future: the result of the workshop is a wonderful basis for more brand and corporate communication”, explains Pitinac. just because all of our competence units in the workshop are involved, the result will be a viable for all areas and future-building recommendation for future design and communication of the brand”. Ute Zimmermann