Public Health

Planned weight reduction, improved physical appearance, the link with food and your body. As you progress through the training is going to understand that diets do not thrive when they do not take into account that the body is the result of lifestyle and thinking style and the lifestyle and mindset are direct result of emotional currents. A good lifestyle is the result in a healthy way of thinking and healthy ways of thinking can be achieved by healing the sick at the thought emotions. States such as distress, anxiety, melancholy thoughts inspire opposed to states of euphoria, optimism, joy. Change the food without changing the approach to life is not always at least difficult to produce a lasting result.

The change in approach to life arises naturally from the great comments. Torture, abuse of willpower, restraint, support groups, some proposals of fasting, food prohibitions which are worshiped, the dependence of counting calories, enduring hunger pains, vomiting after eating no not only help you lose weight and maintain a strong but fall between those most responsible for the binge eating and weight rebounds. Obesity is reaching the rank of “epidemic” in Western culture is dying public health. Many die because of disturbances in eating habits product of cultural impositions tyrants responsible for the proliferation of these two major ghosts in this scenario: anorexia and bulimia. In most “developed” the Public Health Service shows concern for people of all ages, including minors, are already part of the population at risk of heart attacks, diabetes, metabolism and dysfunction in the system defenses, among many ailments.