Psychoanalytical Association

But complete reconciliation if only gave when, in a demestre blow, it substituted the Theory of the Seduction for the complex of dipo: a pass mgicotransmutando infantile victim in estuprador author and marmanjo in victim edipianas dastentaes, for total applause of colleagues, friends and relatives. Exactly after terabandonado the Theory of the Seduction, Freud if comes across with more clinical tests decrianas forcene sexually. Nothing it says in public, for evitarretaliaes, masconfidencia the fact emcarta the Fliess, in February of 1897, also evaded taxes of ‘ ‘ Completas’ correspondences; ‘. One sees, thus, that the edipiano product is mere criadopor trick enganosa propaganda of espertalhes. The facts witnessed for Freudevidenciavam the adult imposing practical sexual against pequerruchos that, for suavez, did not desire them nor stimulated. The Theory of the Seduction alerted for pathological oefeito of the reminiscncias of the imposed sexual violence.

The complex dedipo launches the universal suspicion of that the child desires the act sexual, stimulating and participating of active form. Passed more than 80 years, the world did not move very. Em1980, Jeffrey Masson, make a historical finding: it locates documentosardilosamente evaded taxes to the public for the psychoanalysts, showing that ocomplexo of dipo is a fraud mounted with corporative interests favours cumplicidade of the press of the time. When divulging its discoveries, Masson is dismissed of the dediretor position of the IPA (International Psychoanalytical Association, established for Freud, in 1910), instead of being awarded. The complex of dipo more than what is saberfalsificado. It was born of the attempt to hide criminals estupradores. Current Suadifuso, after proven as trick, must not sacademicamente be faced as plus a scientific fraud, but be faced tambmjudicialmente as enganosa propaganda, therefore ludibria the society and jovensacadmicos and stimulates impunity. Without the complicity of the press of the time, the society would jestaria exempts of the edipiana humbug. The proper press can now retire dipo, even because the supply of fools arrived at the end! Jacob Bettoni, Prof.