Drafting room investment portal specializing in information and analysis to investors investment room () has signed an agreement of content with the broker online Activotrade () and the well-known trader Josef Ajram (). Sala de Inversion will publish Activotrade reports about stock market indices such as the Ibex 35, articles about actions and notes of training to invest. The portal will also feature a collaborator Activotrade, Josef Ajram, successful trader intraday star and expert in courses of bag which, besides being a regular at economic gatherings, wanders frequently television sets thanks to his daring image and his fondness for extreme sports. Yours is the phrase do not know where the limit is, but I do know where isn’t, maximum that applies to all aspects of his life. However, warns in his bag courses that investing security is key, and it is essential to use stop loss. Josef Ajram is not the only professional success proven working on Activotrade.

The good work of people like race Perez (commercial director), Marc Ribes (contributor) or Luis Gomes (general manager) earned that first in RTVE devoted a few minutes to Activotrade in the story where is the money?, inside space Repor. You can see here: Activotrade inputs to room of investment will arrive in the form of comments by bag before the opening and closing of Wall Street. It will also provide analysis of actions of the Ibex 35 and educational materials to learn how to invest. In fact, training is one of Struts Activotrade, which boasts an extensive programme of courses of bag at various points in Spain. With Activotrade, Sala de Inversion collaborate already nine banks and brokers, and it thus becomes one of the portals of Spain with more courses, training materials and market reports to operate equities and derivatives. Room of investment was the only Spanish project of the three finalists in the first awards LinkedIn. This portal was considered avant-garde by its optimization for search engine optimization (SEO), his collaboration with banks and brokers, the integration of several opinion leaders and their smart use of social networks. More about room of investment: more information: Uriel Alvarado, Saxo Bank + 45-3977-4643 race Perez, Activotrade + 34-93-4873570 new commercial Director at Dypsa Special Effects Blog Archive Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex Visual Effects High Quality Video: amazing people doing sport end! : Cart: Mexican University will distribute educational material free through iTunes Radio Bio-Bio sport end in Mendoza Articulo.TV Blog