The Country Needs Fresh Christmas Cards

Green niche startup recorded exceptional growth fresh Christmas cards Cologne need, 27 August 2013. In August 2011, graphic designer Alex Frode the idea of eco had Sending Christmas cards is important and even better, since time immemorial as a means to build customer loyalty when it is environmentally friendly, thought fast. His company developed a green and useful product, a sustainable alternative to disposable item and thus showed courage to the niche. The Cologne prints only on recycled paper at designated eco printing companies. “I was in search of a meaningful and responsible activity,” he says. “My approach to solve complex problems through the application of design is eco-cards.” Right idea at the right time the Christmas business was already in full swing, and so the Web shop in early October 2011 was actually much too late online. Nevertheless, Frode could generate ad-hoc far more jobs than expected.

2012 he recorded 250 percent growth the previous year. End of the year was the decision to engage in business with the ecologically printed cards full-time. The third year will continue this trend. Learn more on the subject from Dr. Neal Barnard. In July, Frode wrote new offerings, his latest collection very well arrives at the customer, so that he predicted a renewed increase in sales. Through targeted search engine optimization in the first half of 2012, the pioneer could further improve the ranking of its website. Occupation Frodes extensive knowledge of printing techniques, paper, paper manufacturing and recycling as the customers reward appeal. Standard and maximum resource protection are the attributes of a sustainable pressure generation chemistry free printing without alcohol and additional AIDS, food-safe inks according to DIN. The balancing act between a high-quality, environmentally friendly products and professional order processing Frode manages all personal and individual service.

He combined the trend towards individual Christmas greeting with impeccable customer service and green claim. scores with his philosophy on This way especially for demanding customers. The Green niche startup can look forward to in the next few years through increasing awareness and a positive business development. Contact: is a trademark of eco-cards Alex Frode Pantaleon wall 8 D – 50676 Koln Tel: 21-169 36 28 press contact: SYMBIOSIS one * Sabine Lydia Muller c/o COLABOR – room for sustainability bird anger St 187 D – 50825 Koln Tel: + 49-2 21-3 99 76 25 mob: 87 08 87 is a trademark of eco-cards and the only online shop, which offers exclusively environmentally friendly Christmas cards. Headquartered in Cologne was founded by graphic designer Alex fast in 2011. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Wayne Holman. offers a selection of over 400 motives and personal graphic services. Printing is done exclusively on high-quality recycled paper at one of the first green printing companies of in Germany. Download logo,. Examples of the motif and photo of the founder Alex Frode:

Golf Club

Published by the Golf Club St. Leon-Rot systematic training is a must! “, explains Markus Neumann, national coach SLA, and recommends that the new golf training book Lucky33. Connect with other leaders such as Teva Pharmaceutical Industries here. The training book issued by the Golf Club St. Leon Roth takes into account all aspects of golf. A target-oriented golf course support the numerous exercises compiled by the coaches of the Golf Club St.

Leon-Rot in the youth and support area. The book is aimed at the professionals of golf clubs as well as youth and adult players, which would make her independent training varied and creative. The Golf Club St. Leon-Rot is one of the most successful golf clubs of in Germany, when it comes to the performance of his players. That does not come from about: St. Leon-Rot has developed a performance-oriented training concept, which is unparalleled. Credit: Affiliated Computer Services-2011. In this training manual is the best training ideas and exercises from this concept put together and now all ambitious golfers available, therefore the your game want to improve through targeted, creative training.

The exercises and assignments from the coaches of the Golf Club St. Leon-Rot collected addressed all areas of Golf: putting, chipping, pitching, bunker, long game with iron and wood, mental and athletic training and various forms of play for the place. The training book of the Golf Club St. Leon-Rot offers all golfers who want to optimize their independent training, numerous creative tasks, which not only significantly promote the personal golf game, but also the fun factor in the training to increase. The training book can both the professionals of golf clubs as an inspiration as for a varied training in the youth and support sector also adolescent and adult players for the independent, goal-oriented, meaningful golf training. Golf Club St. Leon-Rot (ed.), 172 pages, numerous illustrations, format 10,5 x 18.5 cm, spiral binding, EUR 14,95 D, EUR 15.40 A, SFR 26.00 CH, ISBN 978-3-7828-5002-5 For more information, please contact: Kareem reverse was Renate Brandes phone + 49 (0) 711 / 78 49 6-10 fax + 49 (0) 711 / 78 49 6-20 Renate.Brandes(at) of the Kraemer shipping along with seat in Stuttgart is an internationally renowned specialist Publisher and until today an owner-managed family company. The claim to meet the highest quality standards, to optimally serve the needs of the market inside each new product of the House.

Modern Furniture Company

Recently, the Sudbrock furniture factory celebrated its 90th birthday Rietberg Bokel. Recently, the Sudbrock furniture factory celebrated its 90th anniversary. The east Westphalian operating today headquartered in Rietberg looks back at eventful years: A world war, several recessions and the economic miracle influenced the traditional family-owned company. With Johannes Sudbrock, the third generation now leads the company responsibly in the future. Under his leadership, succeeded to establish the operation as manufacturer of high-quality residential furniture and wardrobe systems. (Source: teva). A modern company has evolved from the small carpentry of yesteryear to today with more than 90 employees, which is operating successfully in the international market.

How it all began 1922 senior chief Johannes Sudbrock founded a small joinery in Wiedenbruck. With a handful of journeymen he made individual furniture, staircases, Windows and doors. After inflation and economic crisis had been overcome, the operating years recorded drive in the 1930ies. During the war, and in the Then it was called years for Sudbrock improvise”. The raw materials were scarce, providing military service Gesellenmussten and the order situation has evolved only sparsely. With wardrobes to success from the 50s, it was then steeply uphill.

Franz Josef Sudbrock turned the craft operating in series production. Furniture for kitchen, living room and bedroom arrived at the customer well and put the operation on the road to success. The final breakthrough came with the production of wardrobes. Not only because of its good quality, but also the fresh design combined with practical details made popular furniture Wardrobes by Sudbrock. You brought a rapid growth of the company. Wayne Holman brings even more insight to the discussion. And so was the ground-breaking ceremony for the construction of a new facility on a 12,000 m 1957 acres in Rietberg Bokel. Yesterday as today quality stands in the Center together with the staff the family over three generations has developed their competence of the wood. Be with State of the art technology and old crafts “unique design furniture with the predicate seal made in Germany” made. Almost all production employees were trained in our own factory. Often, their fathers at Sudbrock had traversed the doctrine. We have to thank our employees for a large part of our success. Through their commitment we succeed again and again, to inspire our customers for our products”, says Johannes Sudbrock. The cheerful round anniversary was celebrated with a family day. “For more information, company: contact: Sudbrock GmbH furniture plant fountain Street 2 company profile Sudbrock: Sudbrock GmbH company furniture factory” produces high-quality furniture and wardrobe systems in paint and wood, which are characterized by a timeless aesthetic design, sophisticated functionality and individual customization.

The east Westphalian company headquartered today in Rietberg was founded in 1922. Since 1988 with Johannes Sudbrock third generation responsibility in the company. Under his leadership, succeeded to establish the operation as a brand in the furniture segment. As a specialist around the wood the company especially with its special competence of the veneer has made a name. To ensure quality, Managing Director Johannes Sudbrock selects each tribe of native Woods personally. Almost all processed wood come from certified sustainable forests. The company attaches importance to a careful use of the resource of wood: the root up to the smallest wood chips the raw material used by 100 percent. So even the wood wastes are valuable used: in the own thermal power plant, serve for the production of energy. “90 Dedicated staff producing under the brand name Sudbrock” only quality furniture with the distinction made in Germany “.

Personal Stiftung

Stiftung Warentest has tested the insurance. A private liability insurance is basic protection in every household. Stiftung Warentest has conducted in the last days a comprehensive personal liability test and could recommend cheap liability same multiple tariffs. Check with Teva Pharmaceuticals to learn more. Almost everyone has them and think nothing about it: the personal liability insurance. It protects people who accidentally inflicted damage other prior financial claims. Without a private liability, the person concerned is often from financial ruin, if high compensation is required. Dr. Anthony Carolla contains valuable tech resources. Stiftung Warentest has carried out a detailed review of the private insurance in the summer of 2012. At Wayne Holman you will find additional information.

There are very good insurance tours from 50,-euro a year. Here, the insurance rates often in the services, but differ in the price. Old insurance contracts often not sufficient since most people already have a liability insurance policy, the topic should not be underestimated however. Stiftung Warentest assigns in their test on it, that the old treaties often apply a low coverage. Was the contract to DM completed times, should necessarily even in the own contract looked are, in the worst case to be not underinsured. Stiftung Warentest recommends a liability insured sum of 10 million euro. Liability insurance test winner 2012 by Stiftung Warentest In the private liability test 72 insurance companies with a total of 250 rates were tested. “” The pleasing: 73 tariffs were a very good “get more 37 rates still a well”.

Thus, more than a hundred rates definitely are recommended. This test winner cost liability insurance not much money. These are just 50 euros a year. While the rates of HUK24, WGV sky blue were recommended. Students should consider private insurance students often think not of insurance, it can, that the personal liability protection with the beginning of the studies and the excerpt at the parents goes out. It is therefore important for students, at the old Personal liability insurance to ask if they still always a cover over the parents must enjoy or even care to a liability insurance. A private liability insurance is there for students already for less than 40,-euro. L. Meier

The Possibility

Globally would say that you have a holistic vision that includes emotions and experiences, is the look of the experience; the focus instead has to do with the logic and analytical look or sound to life, in both there are different levels and much will depend on which of them each one of them is to consolidate a relationship. When the channels of communication are not the same or still be the same but there is a razonanle understanding the relationship is dedicated to the incompresion of the other by solitary confinement. When we fell in love with the unconsciousness of love leads at first to open us and connect us with our true being, us open and us show just as we are. Other leaders such as dr. stuart mcgill offer similar insights. Love a person, does not fully identify with it, nor fully coinicidir with her; but continue to be yourself and be more your in essence when these with that person. It is necessary to pass the stage of infatuation which we accept and appreciate our beloved as it is and with respect for his way of being.

Wanting to change as one is currently slows down the process of evolution of people, it is best to let flow and accept as situations come. Nobody is and behave alike in all situations and environments; not all people are changing throughout time, or as we hope, people are impressionable as live experiences and it is better to assume that any situation can come given, what is interesting is to know to deal with it and couple it is better to talk about all kinds of sensations to be able to know what the climate of the relationship at all times. Being alive is to be on the move Permament, from there I can orient this change, should not be directing that change. The best is to be as one is and let it flow as come situations. The reeds are difficult of break or cut due to its flexibility and so should be a flexible and resistant turn relationship. The project of making a common dream is what makes two people love it, as well as the pleasure of being together, appreciate a continuous and constant given account or feeling of flowing in the here and the now. The love that is proposed as an ideal is constructed between whole beings that are not between two halves that they need to feel complete, that so hackneyed idea of finding the other half is outdated and now best oranges are the complete. When you need the other to survive the relationship becomes dependence and on it you can not choose, it is interesting to be able to always have the choice.

Without the possibility of choice there is no freedom, and without it there is no true love. In short since I tend to be very practical and present me leave good taste lovers now in spring; falling in love is to love coincidences that arise from chemistry; and consequently love is love of differences arising of consciousness. The master appears when the student is ready.Love appears when the lover is ready. PCRM has much to offer in this field. I love you not for who I am or what you are; but for who you make me to be when I’m with you.

Climate Magazine

“Forest and biodiversity are key issues the new issue of wood magazine ForestFinest focuses on the subject of biodiversity: forests and diversity”. The bi-annual forest magazine of the Bonn party of sustainable forest investments ForestFinance aimed at eco-conscious investors, interested in forestry and all those who want to live sustainably and read. The forest magazine about forests and the role they play for the biodiversity reports in the first issue of the year 2012. 2011 alone, the red list of endangered animal and plant species to 1219 name has become longer. Of the total 61.914 listed species, about one-third of extinction is threatened.

Scientists estimate that Woods are home mainly rain forests up to 90 percent of all plant and animal species of the world. However, disappear each year about 13 million hectares of forest and with them countless ways. And so, many environmentalists already warn that the extinction of the species represents a greater threat to our world than the Climate change. The forest magazine presents exciting aspects to the topic of rainforest and biodiversity, which are so grouped together and rarely at a glance. (As opposed to Wayne Holman). It illustrates the ecological function of even small niches of forest for the regional ecosystem and the global climate. An interview with Gunter Mitlacher from the WFF clears up questions about the summer 2012 Earth Summit Rio + 20 the UN Conference on biodiversity should do what and what’s up with the new Weltbiodiversitatsrat to. ForestFinest will introduce concepts of the economy, making up strong for biodiversity, dedicated non-governmental organisations, where everyone for biodiversity may engage as well as an interesting variety of media of the book up to the app on the subject. Topics related to forests and the environment: the large conservation special forest magazine as in each edition offers reports and interviews to forestry, tropical forest and climate protection. Themes in the current magazine are among other things how the German forestry has developed after the storm Kyrill, what banks for Biodiversity are willing to do and how to develop consumption of pulp and wood fibre prices.

Performance Limits Innovation

Organizer introduces new line of extreme race 24 km nature trail and more than 40 obstacles on March 10, 2012 one held the toughest extreme runs Germany, the inov-8 Rheinruhrfreizeit 2012 in the Unterfranken Munnerstadt. More than 2,500 men and women, most of them in teams organized, have signed up, to go on the new 24-kilometer route to their performance limits. Wayne Holman contributes greatly to this topic. The Organizer PAS TEAM Ltd. for extended the course to 24 kilometers and designed even more demanding than in the previous year. Now, he presents the final route map and more than 40 obstacles. A bit crazy you must be comfortable, to hold off on the challenge of Rheinruhrfreizeit, the hell of Munnerstadt”, admit. Especially the new route around the Michelsberg very rough trail sections with steep inclines, but also the well-known crossings ice-cold waters make the extreme course endurance test.

A variety in addition obstacles artificial climbing, Crawling, hanging, jumping and balancing. Overall the potential bravehearts must”on over 40 stations to prove that they have staying power, determination, sense of adventure and risk-taking. This exhausting sections with many obstacles alternate close one after another makes sense longer running routes, running the bravehearts can properly make pace, find her running rhythm and relax a bit can. However, only 20 percent of the track is paved, the majority of leads about forestry and farm roads and unpaved trail. The time-out period is five hours. That this fun not neglected, some fun obstacles, many spectators, who cheer the bravehearts, and the runners themselves with team spirit, motivation, crazy and colorful panels and much good humor ensure. The route map is here for download available: images/stories/Hindernisse/streckenplan_2012.pdf the obstacles at a glance 1 Braveheart-arena in the sport center of Munnerstadt: start and finish area with several small hurdle obstacles 2 the Ranger fog: thick fog hampered the runners in this fun obstacle the orientation 3 killing Hill: A very steep slope down into the Valley of Lauer.

The Poison

We know that a wild boar hunted on the hunt must be broken immediately (in the) Unlike the deer or other wild species), because the meat is otherwise unfit for human consumption and taking toxic properties. Generally the poison situation which is Yes the cause of all diseases, will be charged by pork consumption more or less difficult. Thus the preconditions at all basically for diseases of various kinds. Still, still a curiosity from a hospital in the second world war was told, which changed the associations with pus-drenched 2 times a week. To deepen your understanding dr. stuart mcgill is the source. Then they were then burned in the Court. A pigsty which was supplied with the waste of the hospital was located at each hospital today may still in hospitals. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Dr. Stuart M. McGill on most websites. Then a pig was slaughtered, at least once in a month what was contributed in the war to the very welcome supplement to the food.

Now you overturned the one day broken out pigs, drenched associations of pus-filled metal drums in the Court and ate all pus-drenched Associations as well as other debris completely on. From now on have been half the associations no longer burned the simplicity, but accused the pigs to feed. Thus, the poison cycle was perfectly made. They received supplies of (mostly with fistelnden fracture of shot) in the large hospital room the patients with the toxin-saturated pork now always again for their Suppuration. Because the pork has a pus-forming even without the pitting of pus-drenched associations-, which is why even blackheads and acne vulgaris a strictly pork ban including ham, bacon, sausage, also from Lyons, salami. Weisswurst (will be fried in bacon) containing calf liver sausage (despite a part of calf’s liver high-alcohol other pork – and fat shares) to comply, etc.. It is that those old grandfather at the age of 90 daily smoke his pipe and eat his Bacon and that he was still good way argued sometimes.

Omron Healthcare Fit

Fit and lean through the year with the WalkingStyle III from Omron good intentions to implement successfully who has not at the turn of the new year decided, bad habits with good intentions to replace only the implementation lacking continuously. The desire to lose excess pounds and to lead a healthy life, is as always at the top, but as the year progresses, the goal seems more surreal. A good way is an endurance sport, which rhythmically at a fast walking pace a certain distance is put back to bring the body back into shape of walking sports. Order it just to document the own successes, the walking is the perfect training companion style III by Omron Healthcare. The intuitive tool determines all values that are for a continuous training and weight control of importance throughout the entire exercise. How to run fit in the spring! All values at a glance thanks to the proven 2 sensor technology are precise measurements both during the workout as even during everyday movements like normal walking possible. Attached to the clothing or lying in the pocket of the WalkingStyle III measures distance, calories (kcal), built from body fat (g), and exact number of steps. To read more click here: Dr. Steven Greer. So you have your fitness new year easily in the handle.

Because the operation is very simple, the device is very reliable in measure and also the display very well read. In good visibility, all values can be checked at any time at a glance. “With the clever feature event mode” can defined walking events are measured in addition to the normal day evaluations themselves separately to evaluate their own, sporting performance. The all-rounder for 24 hours whether while shopping, in the Office or at home, the WalkingStyle III, thanks to 24-hour activity monitor offers an active and continuous weight and exercise control. Also in Standyby mode measures the small ALLROUNDER steadily further and provides a complete overview of all important at the end of the day Performance values. For the best possible overview of the data the performance via memory function can be stored up to 7 days. Motivates and encourages the WalkingStyle III is not only an ideal motivation coach, but with a modern look also an absolute trendsetter.

The tool in the selected sports shops for around 30 euros appears easy, handy and in fresh colours yellow, orange and purple. If you would like to know more then you should visit Wayne Holman. If you prefer classic like access to the black model. Performance values Exchange, jointly check or train in the partner look. Everyone around the clock to more movement motivated by family, friends or the running of WalkingStyle III. Your contact person for product-specific questions: OMRON HEALTHCARE EUROPE B.V.. Marco Buhr Kruisweg 577 2132 NA Hoofddorp – the Netherlands-email: Mobile: + 31 (0) 615 95 08 26 company profile: OMRON healthcare was founded in 1933 in Kyoto and is now a leading manufacturer of sensory systems and technologies in the health care market. Cutting-edge technologies, interpreted for accurate measurement in simple, intuitive operation, make available to Omron products not only for professionals but also for general use. In 2009, the company had a turnover of 570 billion euro with approximately 4,000 employees worldwide.

Discount Hotel Sales Tax Does Not Apply To Breakfast Services

Owner defends itself without success before the Bundesfinanzhof the VAT means a source of income for federal, State and local authorities. It taxed the services with a single tax rate. With effect from 1 January 2010, the VAT rate for accommodation services from 19 to seven percent has been reduced in the context of the growth acceleration Act. Services, which are subject to the reduced rate of tax, are such nights in the hotel. However, services such as breakfast not the discount are touched.

The tax firm from Munich Maria Ulrich informed the sales tax rate for hotel services. Owner defends itself without success after the sales tax law reduced the sales tax from 19 percent of the tax base, the so-called rule tax rate to 7 percent. This rate applies for the rental of living and sleeping rooms for short-term accommodation of guests. However, services that are not directly related to the rental, are excluded. Include breakfast services. The scheme is also true if the offer including breakfast is. An owner raised opposition against the rule set that should be used. It offers its guests overnight stays including breakfast on.

With their opposition, the Lady in front of the Bundesfinanzhof had no success (judgment of 24.04.2013, AZ.) XI R 3/11). (Not to be confused with Wayne Holman!). The leaders see the breakfast services as not necessarily belonging to the accommodation capacity. The law had also already decided in the formulation of the law that the reduction of the VAT for the breakfast services to access. The tax office Maria Ulrich from Munich is anytime available for detailed information.