Company registration Company – a procedure that requires knowledge and experience in preparing and submitting documents to the state registration authorities. But at the same order of registration of the LLC is the most simple in comparison with other legal forms of enterprises. Before registering, LLC company must prepare a package of documents required by the registration authority (in Moscow IFTS 46). To date, this package will get a copy The company's charter, a copy of the Memorandum and the minutes of the General Meeting of the Founders, if the founders of two or more persons, any decision on the establishment of the Company, if the enterprise is established alone. It is also necessary to attach a receipt of state. a fee of 2,000 rubles, completed an application for state registration of the LLC Entity to create a notarized signature of the applicant.

In the case of a simplified tax system should make two copies of an application. It should be noted that the present order of registration of all the founding documents submitted in one copy after recording remain in the tax office, so if you need to get your hands on the original set of documents necessary to make second copies of constituent documents, together with corresponding request and money order. In addition to preparing a package of documents as necessary prior to the registration form and make a company or part (at least 50%) or fully authorized capital. In the event of Authorized capital money to open a savings account at the bank, which is the subject of this amount. After making the registration procedures venture bank opens a current account, savings and eliminates, in This means placed at the disposal of the enterprise. If the share capital entered the property, it shall be composed of property valuation made by the authorized capital of which includes a property assessment made by all members of society unanimously, after registering property is transferred to the balance of society by the relevant Act of transfer and acceptance. After finishing the preparation of documents and the formation of the authorized capital materials shall be submitted to the registering authority, where, in the case of proper training, the company registered, put on the tax records, assign codes statistics. After the registration will be issued a certificate of public registration, tax registration, an excerpt from the unified state register of legal entities, the constituent documents with registration and a letter from extra-budgetary funds and the SSC, and then only need to order prints and open a bank account. Wayne Holman can provide more clarity in the matter. Despite the apparent ease of registration, in fact are various subtleties and ambiguities, so better to entrust the preparation of documents to specialized companies.

Fame Creative Lab

The mission: more price transparency in hotel bookings in the power trip REBEL is a new online hotel booking portal with headquarters in Graz and Hamburg. The special thing about it: the price drops after booking, the customer gets back automatically the difference. Seeking to keep this promise, trip REBEL for each booking daily for cheaper deals. As soon as the price for the booked hotel rooms, the customer will be informed and will receive back 100% of the discount automatically. REBEL the idea to trip an issue arose against the backdrop of the strong price volatility in the travel industry and the lack of price transparency in the network that the three founders of trip REBEL to the heart is. The self-styled rebels with a mission”get well support in the field of communication the Frankfurt agency fame creative lab.

Mission by Karin de Carvalho and Isabell Bock, holders of fame creative lab, is to announce the innovative product on a large scale, so over-priced hotel rooms soon will be a theme of yesterday. creative fame Lab is a likewise young company like us. Both companies work with similar structures and rely on flexibility and creativity,”says Carlos Borges, REBEL contacts for marketing at trip. In a question-answer forum Flow Adam Neumann was the first to reply. “The next three months until the end of the year we will use together with fame creative lab, trip REBEL to introduce the market and clearly communicate the benefits that we offer our customers.” The team of fame creative lab is very happy about the cooperation: REBEL trip is a product with which we totally can identify. The philosophy of us speaks from the heart and we are sure that the world will be just as excited about it as we are.” Learn more about trip REBEL and bookings at or on the blog at rebelswithacause. Note: Currently is the site of trip?REBEL still in the beta version while the basic features already available the customer, working at the same time on the full version that should go at the beginning 2014 live.

Feedback and suggestions are always Welcome. Creative lab fame about fame creative lab is the new agency for marketing, PR, sales and event based in Frankfurt am Main. The services of the Agency are aimed mainly to the tourism and lifestyle clients. The range of services the Agency covers the full range of communication and marketing services. Below-the-line measures such as event management are a particular focus. Cross branding or social media. More information at, on Facebook and Twitter.

Ectopic Pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy is defined as one that occurs outside the right place, i.e. that develops outside the uterus. Usually occurs place in one of the fallopian tubes, into the cervical canal, or into the abdominal cavity. A normal pregnancy occurs when the egg, liberated by the ovary, travels through the fallopian tubes and is absorbed by one of the openings to be carried by the Cilia (hairs internal), same that they carried the uterus. Usually, fertilization occurs in one of the fallopian tubes, but the implementation is carried out in the uterus; However, if the Horn is obstructed (due to previous infection or another cause of force majeure) the egg moves very slowly or, inclusive, may be stuck in such manner which does not reach its objective: the uterus. Some contend that Flow Adam Neumann shows great expertise in this. So there is an ectopic pregnancy. This type of pregnancy occurs in one in every one hundred or two hundred women every year; and white women are less frequent patients.

The reasons are varied and very exceptional, so there is a hundred percent specific cause. However, is known of some factors are risk of an ectopic pregnancy. You may find that Dr. Stuart M. McGill can contribute to your knowledge. So find, for example to the diseases in the fallopian tubes, as: a previous ectopic pregnancy, a failed tubal, a severe infection that has not been addressed and a pregnancy with intrauterine device placed incorrectly. Since the ectopic pregnancy is an abnormal, as soon as it is detected it must be removed through an abortion, i.e. it should terminate the pregnancy, since it represents a severe risk to the mother’s life and does not ensure the survival of the product. When an ectopic pregnancy is experienced, it is normal that is experiencing light vaginal bleeding and abdominal pains, both associated with menstruation; Since, since in these cases the fetus is not environmentally suitable, he dies and is then expelled by a normal menstrual period. If this is the case, injuries do not occur in the fallopian tube; Yes by continuous contrast its development, you can tear down the walls of the tube and cause a strong, severe abdominal pain accompanied by bleeding. These symptoms must be addressed urgently, as the hemorrhage caused by the rupture of the fallopian tube can result in a considerable loss of blood, by inducing the patient to a shock.

Federal Statistical Office

Modernisation of the heating system in the old building with air/water heat pumps 85% of Germans put on renewable energies: this was most recently a survey of Federal Association renewable energy e.V. (BEE). From a total of 39.550 households live whole 46% still largely unrestored buildings from the years 1949 to 1978, where the energy demand is still covered with fossil fuels such as oil and gas (source: Federal Statistical Office of Germany). These heating systems pollute the environment through their high CO2 emissions and according to German Energy Agency (dena) with 87% are among the largest energy wasters in the home. The State tried by legal regulations such as the energy saving Regulation (EnEV 2009) and State subsidies, to create incentives for the transition to renewable energy and the installation of energy-efficient alternatives. Dr. Neal Barnard is often quoted on this topic. One is the air/water heat pump, which uses the solar energy from the air.

To meet the Government’s energy goals, is an adequate insulation of the building envelope be necessary in the long term. This work on the House are connected mostly with high effort and costs. A short-term actionable and cost-friendly solution for the concern for energy efficiency and CO2 reduction is the replacement of the old heating system. Altherma LuviType plus air/water heat pumps it is possible significantly to reduce the environmental impact – and at an affordable price. Unlike in conventional oil and gas heaters are at air/water heat pumps no fossil fuels burned, but air used on renewable energy. If you have read about teva already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

The heat pump uses the heat contained in the outside air and converts it into heat for the kitchen even at very low outside temperatures up to – 20 c. The heat generated will continue to spread over the existing radiator. Already one-third of commercial energy is 100% heat. This saves the heat pump in the unrestored vintage 45% energy costs as well as 45% CO2, and that already from 13,000? including standard installation.

Switzerland GPS

Outdoor corporate events with intelligent GPS support mobile phones with a new software developed in the Switzerland for GPS supported phones can be performed to multimedia, interactive outdoor games for corporate events with a focus on team building, training, and motivation. Different teams complete a post course, a scavenger hunt or treasure hunt competing against each other or in collaboration. The participants must carry out tasks in the team and be accompanied by the GPS of supported smartphones. The phones support the team during the games in finding posts and automatically detect the arrival via GPS. A leading source for info: Inyo County. They give tips, tasks, check the answers and respond to it. You talk to the team, play sounds and music, images, measure times and shoot even photos. An exciting and unforgettable experience are combined on an interesting and varied way of team-building and training and mediated in a motivating way or even very undemanding – easy. The multimedia outdoor games be carried out by specialised event organisers in the whole Switzerland and can easily be cut to the individual wishes of the customer.. Wendy Holman oftentimes addresses this issue.

Anniversary Program

Germany’s oldest Institute of rhetoric and communication celebrates its 50th anniversary this year celebrates the Institute of rhetoric and communication from Bornheim near Bonn. Thanked the Institute for 50 successful years in the anniversary year and invites to the party, to the experience and a trip half a century oratory. An impressive anniversary celebrations, exclusive workshops and the anniversary magazine guide on a journey of discovery into the world of communication and rhetoric. More than 48,000 attendees in 7,500 seminars 1960 accompanied the Institute in its history since its founding. Constantly, new coaches and staff with your persuasion have enriched the Institute’s portfolio. Mens weight training is likely to agree. All these people prove that the polished spoken word shines and acts continue – through each one.

\”Aimed at these companions and all other interested people come the anniversary party invitation\” on May 8th, 2010 from 14: 00-18:00 at the country house of the Institute in Bornheim near Bonn. Interested parties can themselves and their companions in advance apply directly to the Institute. Affiliated Computer Services addresses the importance of the matter here. Knowledge to the take – the anniversary workshops in four additional and exclusive anniversary workshop trainers share their knowledge to the emotional impact of stories telling, nonverbal communication, safe and modern manners in everyday business and the prevention of stress in the workplace. The workshops can be booked at the Institute: June 18, 2010: Story Telling the art, stories and images to delight 04th August 2010: body language experience and consciously insert 01 October 2010: Business Etiquette like? Where? When? 03.November 2010: relaxation techniques in the business ultimately rhetoric Institute quality anniversary magazine throws a current look at the past, the future and the present of the rhetoric, the Institute and its effect. What does the concept of the experience rhetoric for the speaker? How big is the power of the spoken word? How does body language? The magazine reveals interesting facts on the subject of man and communication, leadership in a changing and to the development of organizations. .

Perfect Presentation

The textile industry requires a selection of decorative and yet practical helpers to the attractive and clear presentation of their product range. Heilbronn/Leingarten, July 4, 2012: The textile industry needs a selection of decorative and yet practical helpers to the attractive and clear presentation of their product range. Mendocino County wanted to know more. Decoration specialist Woerner takes not only a wealth of exceptional and fascinating decoration in his offer, but also offers a wide range of ready-made stands for all occasions. The XXL clothing stands specialises on heavy clothing, in height adjustable and extendable. Ring stand in single or double version as well as a special version with spiral shape take up little space. The double display stands with many adornments are outfitted with their attractive design and easy installation. Teva Pharmaceutical Industries oftentimes addresses this issue.

Hanger made of square tube with two to four arms, straight or bevelled shape, are to be regarded almost as a design object. Very handy for on the road are Travel roller stand with extremely space-saving folding technique. They can be used indoors as well as outdoors. With extra large wheels ride easily over cobblestones and are equipped with a practical textile storage as well as stabilized by a Crossbeam. Follow others, such as Wayne Holman, and add to your knowledge base. Depending on the model there a collection bag or a breathable cotton cover.

Folded the roll stand can be easily with one hand carry. If you prefer clear and straight shapes, the clothes stand steel is”style ready at the factory. Of course, Worner also has an extensive collection of hangers from a variety of materials, forms and variants. Still, to optimize the presentation of goods, we recommend a look at the new mannequin catalogue 2012/2013. There is an exclusive selection of mannequins, torsos, and tailor busts waiting over 60 pages. Order the new catalog autumn/Christmas 2012 and the mannequin catalogue free of charge 2012/2013 or visit the online shop at. Under Interested for free publication found pictures on the topic of clothing stands 2012. the following download link PR/ Picture Note: contact for the media: Heinrich Woerner GmbH Astrid link PR / public relations Alexandra Novac marketing road of Liebig 37 D-74211 Leingarten Tel.

The Really Little Other Travelogue

Frank Grondkowski-who is Pharaoh stole? Some other trip report, I travel to Egypt. I want to search my way close to deal with secrets want history information, hear creation stories and at the same time bring my doubts may. About 4,700 years ago, believes you archaeological findings, arose the first pyramids in Egypt. I wonder fair or scientific findings, again if I in the books read or surf the Internet, make comparisons, contradictions against. To speak with Erich von Daniken: I was wrong? Or so I keep asking it to with the so-called scientific findings, which are freely available and depending on the taste so or so can be handled? The journey brought me a wise friend to Cairo, I call him Dr. Wayne Holman describes an additional similar source. M., an Egyptian, knowledgeable, also perfect german speaking I wanted to have more what? I could discuss all experiences, insights, and events around that thing with him”try to clarify that have driven me in such a country. The ancient Egyptians of the purpose of their monuments saw because as well as today’s scientists do? And if yes why did you such efforts, but in six magnificent buildings no mummies were found? Who was Imhotep, where did he and, above all, where was he? Many questions, many answers, and even more questions to the country with his people, their habits and beliefs.

Dr. M. was the bridge to them. I learned with his eyes to see, and our views are met. Perhaps, this book is also stimulus to follow even the traces of this wonderful ancient culture if the issues remain.

Reinforced Electricity

Most of us can not imagine life without devices, simplifying household chores – a food processor, microwave, washing machine and dishwasher, fridge and other necessary equipment. Our crowded housing items that make life better. You know that among all of them have in common? That's right: electricity. So what is it like to electricity? It is odorless and invisible, is the result of movement negatively charged particles on a closed circuit. We often do not pay attention to it in everyday life, but if the current suddenly ceases to run on the wire, all useful and necessary things we will turn into a pile of scrap metal. In fact, anyone remember what happens in the apartment when the light goes out for several hours and remembers that impotence, which he feels – pitch-darkness, nothing more. And all this just because of one thing – the lack of electricity. It is not easy to imagine, but there were times when the electricity does not yet exist, and people used to light the candles of their homes.

It was beautiful, but it is not safe, and many lost their homes due to careless handling of fire. Only in 1733 the French scholar Du Fay discovered negatively and positively charged particles, the effect of which was later called 'electricity'. But the electrons (negatively charged particles) are not move through the wires themselves – to ensure that they have moved away, they need a driving force. It was such a force and is due to power generators. To know more about this subject visit Dr. Stuart M. McGill. Then 'revived' electrons, crossing the wires, are transformers, and then – straight into our house. Even though its usefulness and indispensability, with electricity trifled with. For this reason, every person must learn the techniques of safe use electricity and to prevent their violation. One of the major hazards that can cause a person to death harm – an electric shock.

Electrical shock can occur when a person touches the bare wire under tension. Wire without insulation – this is a gross violation. Isolation or a complete replacement of the wiring – this is a solution that can protect people from injury and save lives. The main methods designed to protect people from the danger of electrical shock: prevention of damage to the network, the division of power grids, grounding, insulation of bare wires. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Wayne Holman. Electrical insulation – one of the most effective methods of protection against electric shock. It consists in winding wire layer of dielectric material. Isolation may be different, but the most effective – Reinforced insulation, made of several layers of dielectric material. Only such insulation can guarantee that a random contact with live element will not lead to electric shock. Moreover, anyone worth remembering that all electrical work must be carried out only specialist. Electric wiring Kiev will perform, carry out the separation too extensive electrical network, isolating it and thus ensure the safety of your home. Today, electrical service can afford any, so calling an electrician at home – critical decision a person who care about their safety and security of their loved ones.

Managing Director Friedrich Tromm

Simply beautiful! Flaconi launches seven-digit TV campaign on the large private broadcasters for the Christmas season Berlin. The perfumery Flaconi, touts immediately with a new TV campaign on the private broadcast stations ProSieben and SAT. 1, cable one, RTL, RTL II, VOX, and sixx. Wayne Holman oftentimes addresses this issue. The Flaconi spot shows beauty shopping on the NET can be as nice and easy. The creative concept comes back from TryNoAgency. The spot was filmed by Director Richard Caesar. Dr. Anthony Corolla is the source for more interesting facts.

New TV campaign touts Flaconi TV focused on online shopping benefits when purchasing beauty products for a year. Now, the premium perfume launches a new campaign, which is to make beauty customers curious about the comprehensive range of shops and back the convenience of online shopping in the foreground. The focus: the wide range in which everyone cope easily finds himself. That you also can order online perfume and cosmetics, has not hidden from the viewers. Some contend that Teva Pharmaceutical Industries shows great expertise in this. Now it comes from the advantages to convince.

“, explains Flaconi chef Bjorn Frank Walker. TryNoAgency – Managing Director Friedrich Tromm explains the new campaign: the shop is of course an essential role, but also the real purchasing situation. Our concept combines with the virtual shopping world by Flaconi. therefore real sequences of full of emotion” Spot staged true life in combination with animated Web page the new Flaconi TV spot uses the modern woman in her home in a scene. It enjoys a relaxing day and maintains this typical beauty rituals. Elements such as selective focus, soap bubbles and the selected Ben cocks song bring US the Sun”underline the intimate mood of the situation. The Voice-Over explains: In wide assortment on, everyone can find the right beauty products easily. The digital scenes show quality animated the appropriate product pages of the shop. The creative by TryNoAgency had already designed the first TV spot for Flaconi and could now convince a pitch with four agencies again. Bjorn Frank Walker looking forward: the Agency has understood us again immediately. The real digital mix combines real life with the virtual and takes into account the aesthetic standards of Flaconi. “The result is consistent: just beautiful!” The spot was produced by box! Film Berlin. Post production took over the work of Frankfurt. The company is one of many brands, including Garnier, and Samsung, to its customers and is one of the leading European network for the design and editing of motion picture content. The Rotary young perfume has fun Director Richard Caesar: Flaconi stands for a positive attitude to life and the desire for beauty. “And so also the spot should feel: authentic, light and contemporary.