Oriental Medicine

My mother is American, but my dad is Japanese. The truth is all a fuss is all my roots of generation. My father met my mother in a conference room of Japanese medicine. Her name is Leila Browns, my father’s name is Hideaki Susume, he is a Japanese doctor surgery, but my mother studied Western medicine.

The two met in a course of Oriental Medicine in Japan, and because my father loved her. After they married and here I am. Barely lasted a few months, because my dad was transferred to Florida to work in a famous hospital for plastic surgery. Then we had to come to America, I have visited many times to Japan. It is a good country. Although it is my custom to live here in America. Things are very different between these two places.

It all started when my parents decided to take me to a Japanese-American internee, not bad behavior or psychological reasons. Really accepted the idea of them and I decided to sign up boarding. They thought that I better learn Japanese not to forget my roots of birth. I do not remember the first day, I only know that I started in October. Actually everyone looked at me with a very surprised face. I found it very difficult to adapt. During the boys were quiet, I never had any problems with others. Even differences. With me were very good boys and girls, which quickly met some.