One Way To Reduce Excess Weight

In this age of fast food and constant stress are overweight suffer nearly half of humanity (the second half either lose weight or actively approaching him). Many people try to regain harmony debilitating workouts or diets tricky, but we will try to seek the assistance of the sauna. Even the ancient physicians included a bath in the range of procedures for the treatment of obesity. For mired in vice of the Roman Empire, the topic was more than relevant. Avicenna developed an integrated system in which the sauna and exercise has been given an important place, and Galen sought remarkable results appointing plump patricians moderate work in the garden and bath. Should mention that the bath can be recommended only for people with second and first stages of obesity. Only in this case has not yet appeared irreversible changes in the cardiovascular system and the whole organism. Patients with third stage Obesity can be given a bath and light exercise as a preventive measure.

There is a widespread misconception that weight is reset to any bath, both dry and wet. It is not. Bath should be dry, ie, it must be a Finnish sauna, steam room and not Russian. This is because in wet steam organism hardly loses moisture, it does not evaporate, but flows through the body, interfering with and without difficulty in the process sweating. Basic rules for those wishing to lose weight – Seen bath on an empty stomach. After the sauna should not eat, you can only drink a diaphoretic tea.