Numerus Clausus

With training more success in medicine entrance examinations in the universities be Switzerland limitation of authorisations of Swiss medicine many years always the capacities of the Med schools in the Switzerland exceeded again. Due to the high number of applicants a suitability test must be inserted for the medical school, to find which are suited best for the study. Anyone who wants to secure his place is forced to participate in the test. There are no facilities exempt from the test. The numerus clausus in medical school many years test used the EMS as entrance examination for medicine studies. Skills that are important to create a medicine degree checked the EMS (aptitude test for medical school). With capabilities such as spatial imagination, concentration ability, mathematical problem solving, comprehension and many more skills are checked.

EMS extends over an entire day. So really strong nerves and a high load capacity are in demand in the suitability test. Online preparation for the test finally there’s the learning portal also in the Switzerland. Each test participant is looking for the best preparation materials to prepare for the aptitude test. The prices for courses are between 400 and 1000 euros. At StudyMed can any free information about the test and get all under testing of EMS for free in the online system or a printable sample test testing. Who would have access to the complete training material on the learning platform, must register against a Teilnahmegbuhr from 29.90.

Registered members get training materials to all under testing of EMS. “” Many under tests, such as for example hose figures “or pattern match”, are randomly generated, causing a large amount of exercise material exists. To prepare perfectly on each of the ten under tests, there is a tutorial with a strategy to solve the on the learning portal to almost every sub test each sub test learned and optimized can be. As a dress rehearsal for the EMS test can then still a complete simulation of the recording tests carried out test simulation.