Hunters are always limited. It is possible that in the Neolithic hunters have more rights than today, but here the decision to chase the leaders took a sorcerer. So free hunt in the world never existed. Today field sports is available only to those who have the extra money or chudika, ill hunt during the Soviet era. That is almost a normal average person to go on the hunt simply can not. Weapons, ammunition, equipment and delivery vehicles to the hunting stand of big money.

And this is apart from a small thing as a license to shoot and hunt permit itself. This is not counting the price of services rangers. But in any case rather expensive and inaccessible to mere mortals. Of course you can, as in the olden days, slightly pobrakonerit, but the problem is that we have and the forests and fields and gardens belong to the individuals now. So find a place where really easy, without intervention hunter, hunt, perhaps only in Siberia – and even then not everywhere. One joy – in contrast to Soviet times, when hunting range of products was limited to several types of guns, is now available practically everything from the banal melkashki and ending 9-11 mm carbine. By the way, is now in stores you can buy, and powerful, not much different from the gunshot, air rifles high power.

Of such pneumatics can overwhelm even a wild boar and elk. Huge selection of knives designed for hunting, while you can easily find a knife to his liking, and the arm, which will also serve as your grandchildren. But is it all enough expensive. One thing is clear: today's hunter – it is not catching a prey, which dilutes the family diet, and a rich, well armed and equipped with a murderer. How else would you call a man if he goes on a bear with a spear and not a knife, and large-caliber rifle with a huge destructive power, equipped with telescopic sights? Of such toys are not firing at thirty or forty feet, and beat the beast at a distance and in complete safety …