Nature Lovers

Kreativurlaub on the edge of a Premiumwanderweges is an attractive hiking route passed their determination. 313 km to explore nature lovers along the Eifel dough impressive natural spectacles, varied landscapes and numerous testimonies of past times. A top trails of Germany’s hike and which hold impressions romantic valleys, deep blue Maars and Golden fields during a combined time hiking trip in the even painted image; Guests in the Vulkaneifel, find this slightly different holiday experience. Moving outdoors, turn off, stop, views can be. Shanks, taps into the landscape diversity in an intense and very direct way the time hiking group. The most beautiful moments of a guided field trip are outlined with pin and block, brush, and color. Under the guidance of qualified instructors, the participants have the opportunity to work out the collected material then. A relaxing holiday fun for beginner and advanced artists.

In the middle of individual time and specialist music trips in the Eifel mountains, “Holiday for my whole self” ARTE magical Vulkaneifel, on the verge of offering Maars and the Eifel dough, VITALIS. Colored, alive and harmonious the dive into world of talents. Meet in Nice community and under the professional guidance of nature and explore artistic skills; New try and discover hidden. A wellness program for body, soul and spirit. For more information, see,, Tel.: 06592 958126 ARTE VITALIS, P.o. box 1154, 54542 Daun/Vulkaneifel