Natural Parks

The months of September and October are ideal for lovers of nature. He already spent the overwhelming heat and still not for the cold winter, perfect time for hiking. A rental apartment Pyrenees allows the luxury of living a few days in the mountains. What are the natural parks of Pyrenees? They are huge parks, some recognized as national parks and others more modest. You can stay, for example, in a rental apartment in Jaca to breathe the pure air of the Pyrenees. There are arid parks and parks where water is the main wallpaper. There are disguised as lava, there where it seems that time was stalled. Natural parks are those places that make you forget the problems for a few hours, where beings live at ease such and as if time did not exist.

Some of these places of peace in the Pyrenees are: the miracle of the water: Aiguestortes National Park and the pond of San Mauricio located in the central part of the Pyrenees is a special place for its numerous lakes (up to 80), its meadows in its more of 40,000 hectares. Symbol of Catalonia: Park Natural Cadi-Moixero of rugged scenery, this park includes the Natural place of national interest of the massif of Pedraforca a symbolic mountain in Catalonia where hikers get carried away by his passion for nature. It emphasizes its diversity of species. The largest in Catalonia: the natural park in the high Pyrenees addition to being the largest, in this park inhabit several villages, small towns with great charm with architecture itself to recreate and enjoy. Bathed in lava: the area Natural Park volcanic pole is one of the most important volcanic landscapes of Europe. It has more than 40 volcanic cones and 20 lava flows (robes of magma that landing on Earth after an eruption). Stroll its paths is, without a doubt, quite an experience to remember. National Park of Ordesa Monte lost this park would emphasize the birth of the Ara River which is UNESCO heritage and the Monte perdido, tops of large and spectacular glaciers ecological richness. A day’s stroll through these environments is one of the best medicines that can be taken