National Organization

But in 1949, Simone de Beauvoir, romantically linked to Jean Paul Sartre, published “The Second Sex.” This book was the starting point for many authors and several trends emerging in the so-called feminism. In the book, the author presents a personal reflection about their own perception of women, with a clear defense of womens equality and the ability to participate in politics, economics, culture and science. The impact of this book led to different organizations and feminist movements, as well as achieving the right to vote. A pioneer of these currents was founded by Betty Friedan, called the National Organization for Women (NOW), or authors like Valerie Solanas, Carla Lonzi, Lidia Falcon. The first edition of the book “The feminine mystique” Castilian Betty Friedan was in 1965, with a foreword by Lily Alvarez, whose central message was that something was happening in American women, because despite being happily married, with no economic problems, healthy children, had an internal suffocation that nullified, and they needed to break these chains to seek their own identity.

Since he encourages the active participation of women in society to escape the old roles that were allocated in a patriarchal society. The proposed model is based on women that women and men have equal rights and therefore, on a personal level, have the right to enjoy their own body, abortion, and there is a clear devaluation of motherhood. In Greek companies are some stories about Feminism as is the case of the “Amazon” women living without the oppression of men, where the roles and roles in society were reversed.