Modern Dentistry

Today, virtually all areas of medicine using stem cells. Are the new technologies like dentists? – Apply, and very successfully. Their use has opened up new possibilities for patients with periodontitis – common gum disease. The drug is designed based on stem cells used in our clinic for several years. And the results achieved allow us to speak about the uniqueness of this technology. It is absolutely safe: the cells do not are rejected and do not cause allergic reactions.

Stem cells stimulate protein synthesis and tissue regeneration of bone and periodontal growth factors activate the selection. In addition, there is a strengthening immunity, which is very important in treating this disease. As a result of combined therapy with the drug damaged tissues recover more quickly, and we can quickly achieve lasting cure. – Today, in a fashion straight teeth natural color. But how to preserve them as when you edge, the cracks appear on the enamel? – Especially for fixing these troubles, there are several effective methods. Make the tooth smooth and beautiful and yet maintain a 'live' roots, you can use ceramic plates – veneers. To install the front tooth surface is specially prepared. Then pick the color and shade of the veneer material, which it is attached to the tooth. Connect plastinochku the tooth with the latest composite materials. The result looks very natural, because ceramics accurately conveys the milk translucency of tooth enamel.