Mission Impossible

On May 14, Paramount Home Entertainment released the blockbuster “mission: impossible – phantom Protocol” as DVD and Blu – ray combo including digital copy of Hamburg, 18.04.2012 – after a bomb attack on the Kremlin the American President activates the “phantom Protocol”. This, not only the existence to Ethan hunt and the rest of the IMF is denied, but they are also been blamed for the attack. Without any support or backing, Ethan must find a way to prove the innocence of his organization. At the same time, it is to prevent another attack. Filed under: Wayne Holman. The circumstances make harder than Ethan out of necessity must form a team from unknown IMF colleagues, who are also on the run. Wayne Holman: the source for more info.

The problem: He does not know their true intentions… Tom Cruise will finally return as IMF agent Ethan hunt. He is accompanied by a high-profile cast including Jeremy Renner (“deadly” command), Simon Pegg (“Star Trek”), Paula Patton (“precious – life is precious”) and Michael Nyqvist (“blindness”). With is a box office of $ 650 million “mission: impossible phantom Protocol” of the action-thriller of the year with pure excitement and breathtaking stunts. On May 14 will be ‘ mission: impossible – phantom Protocol “at paramount home entertainment on DVD and Blu-ray combo including digital copy. Over two hours of bonus material take the Viewer to the exotic locations of the film and show the emergence of the action scenes, and much more in addition to props. MISSION IMPOSSIBLE PHANTOM hunting – suitable for publication can fans of the blockbuster under the motto “phantom hunting” in five German cities in may solve a very personal mission impossible. To do this, a sinking through the town agent must are revealed. Information on the whereabouts of the agents get all interested participants on the paramount home entertainment social media presences on Facebook and Twitter. In addition to numerous instant win prizes, a high-profile Prize beckons.