Missiology 38

Continuation of recordings audio of kinds of missiology the holy spirit that now from the day in which Jesus went up to the heavens, the only thing that we can think in the case of God. It is the Holy Spirit. Without Jesus Christ, is dead of the past. The Church is an empty institution, a simple club. Without the Holy Spirit, there is no update of the Gospel, and therefore. Jesus knowing all these things in advance, he said: suits them that I go, because if I’m not, it won’t come to you the spirit, and if the spirit does not come, they may know nothing of what I have taught you see here a kind of God’s economy. (A valuable related resource: dr. stuart mcgill). The Holy fathers, based on Greek, the first 4 centuries, was the language of theology. Recently the latin, with Tertullian in the 3rd century. For even more details, read what Tom Florio says on the issue.

Then starts to take great strength in the 4th century, with St. Augustine, and St. Geronimo, and then when he speaks of bread of God, speaks of the Divine economy which means, the God’s design. In the Greek Oeconomia means, knowing take the plan. St. Paul in his letter to the Ephesians, also called Mysteriun – this, but isn’t the sense of what is not understood, but in the sense of what reveals the presence of God. And what is a mystery? That reality that reveals the presence of God. This mystery of God, is has been revealing in a way very wise, very intelligent, we can say face-to-face, in that Providence is the smart way to carry out God’s economy.

Then there between us in the mystery of God, to consider, as this mystery has been conducted. There are what might be called Dios before us. It is easy to understand this with the figure of the father. God before us = Father God among – us = God son in us = holy spirit.