Miraculous Healing

Twice-born or a miraculous healing at an early age I was operated on at the Kaliningrad military hospital about to die of appendicitis and was discharged home, as developed bowel obstruction. My mother, a former military practitioner at home with a siphon enema saved my life. In winter 1980 while studying at the residency, I had headaches, disturbed for a whole month, insomnia, runny nose has stopped many years, and then increased temperature to 40 degrees, and I came to treat … Nancy Dubuc describes an additional similar source. from the flu. The first day I almost lost consciousness and was 5 days in this state. A few days walking around my doctors could not diagnose and immediately assign optimal treatment, which led to the development of cerebral edema. "Meningitis" could be determined only after a puncture, found in the cerebrospinal fluid meningococcus.

The disease is complicated by the development of sepsis and prolonged multiple joint inflammation, which unbearably painful, do not sit down and give up out of bed. Massive doses of antibiotics and hormones dripper saved my life and have failed to develop gangrene of the joints left brush. It was a miracle that I did not die. Made in the hospital spinal puncture were not always successful – a traumatized spinal cord on the right spine, and two – were not allowed to cerebrospinal fluid. The diagnosis of doctors crossed out rest of my medical career, "Residual effects transferred meningococcal infection (meningitis and septicemia) with an increased cranio-cerebral pressure, extrapyramidal (basal ganglia lesion substance of the brain due to encephalitis) and astenovegetativnym syndromes.