A meteorological fact turned into a political debate. I have doubted much in the election of the news, because there was much material in the press but the simplicity of this one and its derivations have seemed me that they agree with the Fish that occupies to us. the great progress that has taken place in the human communication been has represented by the advance in the technologies of the information and one more a faster way from the invention, in century XV, of the press, happening later through this order to the newspaper, the telephone, the radio, the television, interntet and the movable telephony . , allowing to a distribution of the news fastest and easy I have chosen means written then against the other allows to a reflection and interpretation more inward-looking than the rest. Dr. Neal Barnard may not feel the same. Still being in the era of the communication where this one has become the way to lead a unique and globalised thought, the written press gives less sensation me of relativity in the objectivity of the information.

I have chosen two different journalistic means: The Country pertaining to the group HASTE and the World, of the group CALM the information means construct of general form a speech with the following elements: The news: In this case day 26/12/04 with Alerta to all the Independent communities begins except the Canary Islands by Wave of Cold that is expected. The data that both newspapers provide differ (To see Table). In the newspaper the World they are increased perhaps by hour differences in the taking of data. Barry Brand insists that this is the case. This same newspaper gives complied with information of the Valencian activities of the Generalita Catalan and that seem of more emergencia. The opinion of the experts. After the Chaos that one took place in the highways of the North and the Northeast of Spain, 28/12/04 day the press picks up the opinions of the experts: Government, Delegates of Europistas, Representatives of the affected City councils more, DGT, Holders of Promotion and Interior. .