Mental Training

The site offers a mental training and emotional education to thrive in diets for weight loss. We learn that they are not diets that don’t work, but people with low energy level who are left drag and end up crushing it. We learn that it is not obesity which forces us to do things that we don’t want. With a combination of theories and practices very accurate and simple, we learn that being overweight is one more among the varied manifestations of the body. Both obesity and food addiction are an a by-product, a materialization of consciousness. If an idea for myself had taken me to eat too much, changing the idea of myself changed my behavior. If an idea regarding myself took my body gain weight even drinking mineral water, changing the idea of myself, changed the functioning of my metabolism program takes especially to those addicted to food, all those accustomed to eating for anxiety, to discover the factors and reasons that inspire your body and your cells to behave as they make. With practices confirm that in the performance of its functions, each cell is expressing which body belongs the program allows you to check that the best diet for weight loss is made in the mind.

To make diet to be taken an emotional education; use your head to lose weight. Our mind is designed to gather data, think and extract evaluations and conjectures. We can think of us as people suffering from obesity and suffer along with so many other fat suffering. Or we can choose the path of thought, admit us there where we will see better and where we will find the true origins and causes of the envelope weight on us. The program is an essential appoggiatura for everyone who wants to lose weight by eating, for those who suffer from obesity; for those who, accustomed to swallowing emotions they have developed an addictive way to eat. When we realize by own experience and confirm with our own body that overweight is a materialization of consciousness not only changes our physical appearance, change our attitude. Lights up our awareness, enhances this idea with regard to who we are and how much we can get. Our degree of self-esteem rises and life is full of color.