Medical Records and Diagnoses

Even if you declare doctors complaints about his health, but can not confirm their respective medical records, your complaint is likely to remain unanswered. As a result, you are found fit or fit with minor limitations due to health and put the military registration and call upon the army. Therefore, I strongly recommend that you: take care of their health in advance. A few months before putting on military records or call collect all previously obtained medical records, go to fresh surveys and consultations with specialists. Doctors commission statement on the military registration and draft board you will be able to state their complaints about the existing conditions, to produce medical records and request to refer you for further examination and treatment. Well, if you advance to the recruiting office and register his statement of all existing conditions and complaints, to which attach copies of medical records.

And best of all, if you make a statement educated lawyer, fluent in medical diagnoses and the laws on military service. Your chances of getting a legitimate exemption from military service, increase many times! Over five years I have been defending the interests of boys, as in calling, and when they staged a military record. The aim is to protect the exemption from military service on the basis of perfectly legal – for medical reasons, ie for health reasons, receiving recruit Category Life "B" "partially valid" and then registered in the reserve armed forces. Legal education and extensive medical knowledge acquired over ten years experience of managing a private medical clinic helped me to create and then to work out the details in practice a technique that protect the legitimate interests of conscripts from the arbitrariness of military office. After reading a brief description of the I suggest you get disease specific medical examinations and consultations with specialists in your area. Copies of the survey results and conclusions of the experts you send me an email. Of submitted medical documents can be seen, if you have any disease that might fall under the category of life "B".

If the data of the disease are available, I recommend you where and how to seek medical help in your area to get the desired result. By the end of therapy and receiving your discharge from the medical history (patient card), I spend a full medical and legal expertise provided by documents and prepare on your behalf reasoned statement to the military in your place of residence. Later, in the course of our work together, I instruct in detail about all further relations with military enlistment offices and answer your questions by e-mail or telephone. Given that the medical examination and treatment takes time, I suggest you attend to this matter in advance, for a few months before announcement or statement calling on the military records. Appeal, in accordance with the Federal Law "On Military Duty and Military Service", announces its annual edicts of the President of Russia from April 1 to July 15 (spring) and 1 October to 31 December (autumn), staged a military record boys, which this year celebrates 17 years of military enlistment offices held annually during the period from January 1 to March 31. A clear step by step execution of instructions allows the most cases to achieve a positive decision on granting date category "B" during the passage of the draft board or county administrative district, in extreme cases, the subject of the federation.