Mariana Health

Today the Region lives of the tourism and the exploration of the iron ore, that is the biggest source of financial resources of the cities. But it is in the tourist aspect that, unquestionably, will be able to survive in the future. For all the region the problem more aggravation is the lack of the sanitation infrastructure (water, garbage and exhaustion), beyond the automotivos sounds and bad conditions of the collective transport that generate serious effect in the health, mainly in these cities where the streets are narrow and the houses are next to the same ones, increasing the risks to the health. The administrators of Ouro Preto and Mariana, would have to invest more to solve the problems, even so he comes occurring a position change politics in the last months due the new State and Federal Laws of requirement in the treatment of these public services. Also, it would have to invest in the potential that is the health agents, in decentralized works, using same as the multiplying ones of politics of sanitation educative and incisive, aiming at the promotion of the health.

In the last few decades, they come if intensifying the inherent concerns to thematic the ambient e, concomitantly, a series of initiatives was taken by diverse social segments in order to develop action with intention to educate the communities. Such initiatives had objectified to sensetize the communities them ambient questions and to acquire knowledge them of the necessity of modification of harmful attitudes, as well as convincing them to adopt it positions in favor of the ambient balance. In face of this, problematic relative to the environment and its process of degradation it has gained each time more space in the quarrels between some social segments. Recently it has been object of directed public politics, mainly, to the educational process, the collection of garbage, sewer and implantation of selective processes of plastics and aluminum.