Maria Umbelina

Antonio de S snows was son of Ubaldo Raymundo of S, Major Ubaldo, and Maria Umbelina de Carvalho and S (Owner Quota), being its paternal grandmothers Raymond de S Arajo and Maria maternal Alves de Carvalho and grandmothers Antonio de S Arajo Neves and Umbelina Maria of the Conceio. It has in Parnamirim people with this last name in diverse activities, mainly in public services, such as: health and education. Of this S family, she consists in registers of the New Land notary’s office in Book 1, already of the period of the Republic the seat of birth of some brothers of Antonio de S Snows, been born in the Farm of the Bar of the Moror, in pertaining territory to the Village of New Land and City of Leopoldina, they are: Anna de S Snows, been born the 07/01/1905, Florncio de S Snows, been born the 28/07/1906, Mariana de S Snows been born in 28/0601908, Hieronymite of S Snows, been born the 06/06/1910, Amelina de S Snows, been born the 21/10/1912 and Elvira de S Snows, been born the 13/04/1914. In the notary’s office it consists that all had been registered in the same day, perhaps had to the displacement difficulties, at the time, of the farm to the village next. (To see copies of the registers in annexes). They are descending of Antonio de S Snows: Djanira de S Almeida (widower of Severino Simes de Almeida) and Nelson de S Snows (of the Timbaba)..