Many Health Tips

Cell phone radiation – many myths and fairy tales are circulating to this topic. However, many so called health tips in the realm of the commitments are banished. What’s behind the claim that mobile phone radiation would cause cancer? Mobile phones operate using electromagnetic frequencies. These are similar to for example those of microwaves kitchen appliances. Theoretically, according to this possibility that the occurring radiation heat damage body cells.

However, the results of the interphone study, that a cancer risk when the phone does not exist. “Prerequisite is of course, compliance with prescribed limits for the radiation of people,” explains Professor Achim Enders (Institute for electromagnetic compatibility at the Technical University of Braunschweig. Before you now but desperately searching for information in the data of the mobile Guide, whether your own cell phone because these limits is, “this is the case with all today’s phones” Enders know. But the only thing is that cell phone radiation is said to cause cancer Fairy Tales around the phone. Cell phones interfere with medical equipment at the hospital who moves to a hospital, must turn off necessarily his mobile phone, mobile phones through their smog disrupt medical devices and pacemakers. So far the claim.

According to a survey by the US doctors Aaron Carroll and Rachel Vreeman (University of Indiana), there are no serious documented cases of damage caused by cell phones in hospitals. Actually, one could think that through the use of mobile phones the responsiveness of the staff could be reduced. It can be after dinner don’t swim directly after eating you should not swim. Who has not heard this warning. What is it? “Even competitive swimmer eat something before and during the swimming” knows Dr. Jurgen Steinacker (head of section sport and movement medicine at the University Hospital of Ulm). It is rather so that one should never go with an empty stomach in water. Of course is to note that the physical performance adapted to something eaten. It is not a problem before the sport something to eat. After a rich meal, the digestive tract requires however a large part of the blood. Therefore, the body is rather tired and sluggish. Then there is an undersupply of the brain as well as the muscles. Not the only mistaken view around the theme of food is that you should not directly go swimming after dinner. Which is to say, for example, to the famous digestion schnapps? After dinner a liquor digestion also that you have often heard. How it looks with this assertion? Promotes digestion actually a liquor? Not at all! According to Professor Hans-Dieter Allescher (Klinikum Garmisch-Partenkirchen), the alcohol blocked even the digestive enzymes, otherwise actually used for fat digestion. The sense of relief after drinking alcohol due to rather that stomach nerves are anesthetized by alcohol. Through this stunning one not so feels the fullness strong.