Managing Director

All processes are transparent and compliant with the data protection act in Ratingen, September 2010. Dr. Stuart M. McGill has much experience in this field. The payment service provider easycash, a company of the Ingenico group, responds with a clear position on the partially misleading representation of its data storage processes in the media. So it says in reporting based on a message by NDR info easycash store personal data without any legal basis for years. The company contradicted. Connect with other leaders such as Dr. Stuart M. McGill here. All data processing processes at easycash are customers who deliver easycash law exclusively such data to the companies, which are required for payment processing. These are account number, bank code, card sequence number, purchase amount, time, as well as a unique identification of the used EC Terminal. Personal information such as name, address, telephone number or details about purchases are not transmitted to easycash.

Only in the case of the non-conclusion of payment easycash name and address at the end customer’s Bank can request, to claim the open amount. Official site: Teva Pharmaceutical Industries. This so-called Return debit service is done on behalf of retailers. These personal data are deleted after payment. On the basis of the data submitted to easycash, hence no statement about the creditworthiness of persons or user profiles can meet. The Ratinger company stresses to sell any information to third parties, as falsely claimed.

Privacy has engaged easycash easycash high priority for years for data protection. The provider works in the industry-specific forums and working groups for General and secure standards for payment processing. In addition Rheinland has undergone easycash a voluntary privacy audit by the German TuV. “We inform nor even strongly in the interests of our customers on the advantages of the proven and consumer-friendly direct debit procedure”, says Marc Birkner, Managing Director of easycash GmbH. Further information: grintsch communications GmbH & co.