Main Material

This natural material is capable of absorbing moisture in summer and release "it back into the room in winter, when under the influence of heating the air becomes too dry. Thus, constructed using clay houses serve even as a sort of "regulator" microclimate. Generally, the clay has recently again been widely used in the construction of houses. From it, for example, is claydite related to lightweight concrete. Clay serves the feedstock for ceramic brick. However, natural origin of clay has its drawbacks. It is known that some deposits of this material contain natural radionuclides with long half-life.

Their high content in composed of clay leads to a permanent separation from her radioactive gas – radon. Therefore, experts recommend buying large quantities of goods from the dosimeter: This device is inexpensive, and its application in the construction of houses looks absolutely justified. "Artificial" – does not mean "bad" if the construction of your own home business has not everyone, then acquire the finishing materials for the repair of their apartments have almost everything. It would seem that "recipe" for the correct choice is simple: you must use only materials of vegetable or mineral origin. But here is not so simple. For example, the wooden floors may cause low-quality synthetic varnish, which will allocate substances irritate the eyes and cause skin diseases.

So initially a natural material will be harmful to health. Conversely, the seemingly "Harmful" linoleum or laminate can be perfectly safe. The conclusion – the main thing is not the origin of the material, but rather what the technology used in its production.