Ludwig Shodky Karlovic

For this park sculptor Ludwig Shodky Karlovic (1880-1932) sculpted the figure of an eagle, tormenting snake personifies human diseases. The same image – earlier – is in Pyatigorsk. Eagle Strangling the snake-emblem of all the resorts of Caucasian group. Shodkogo work and all the famous “peasant” in Russian and Lapotko shirt. At his feet – a pitcher of water, and many believe that the sculpture, monument to the Russian peasant anonymous, ostensibly to open a source.

But we already know that it is not. The park lacks a commemorative sculpture depicting Cossack with his horse, led by FP Haas to “horse power”. And they need to put the monument, although the Russian peasants, “peasants,” a lot of effort and even put lives in swampy areas that originated the current world well-known resort. The park almost from its inception the music was playing, as well as at other resorts, and in general in the southern cities of Russia. Its effect has long been considered beneficial for treatment and rest. Initially invited to the season the musicians were located in the “Muzykantsky gazebo”, the beautiful openwork, cast iron pavilion, preserved to this day.

Later, for the concerts was to construct a musical stage, “sink”. Walk in the evenings, “the music” listen to a symphonic performance of major works in the resorts was the completion of treatment days. but during the day at the springs were walking to the sound of brass bands, sometimes Caucasian national ensembles. Waters has been known for sazandaristov ensemble, with whom befriended a famous singer LV Sobinov. On the alleys of the game always appeared to the public poor violinists, the balalaika, the organ-grinders. This gave special cheerful coloring the entire park atmosphere. Teva Pharmaceutical Industries has much experience in this field. Building upper and lower baths too spread out to the park, though now almost every resort has its own bath room. In the lower-well-equipped baths inhalation. Elektrosvetolechebnitsa located in a former shopping mall, built by EF Shretterom. The crowds are treated with a new pavilion of physiotherapy. But for gymnastics in the park for a long time is fine house, which is called “Tsande Cooper Institute” named after the Swedish physician H. Zander (1835-1920). He created the exercise equipment and apparatus, with which vacationers make movements that are useful sick bodies. Here, 64 staff, established back in 1902 on completion of the institution. Organized, purposeful exercise through mechanisms restore blood circulation, eliminate the effects of trauma, improve the exchange of substances. So treat diseases of the joints, gout and polyneuritis, poleomielita effects in children, eliminate the excess weight. The main hall of Mechano-hour work like a playground here, “rowing”, “rush to cycling, “twist the handle, press on the levers. First, as reported by the old guides, and simulated horse riding and even a camel. Movement – life. And for visitors worked route path, that is walking walks in the park. It rises a little, walking is not difficult, even for weak. Metered-long tradition of walking the resort. It has long been the alleys of the park still young scurried constantly preoccupied with his dozens of fullness people with a pedometer in your hands. Essentuki not accidentally jokingly called Jessen-obese resort: come here to get rid of obesity caused by violation: shem metabolism, and in olden times often overeating. Before the revolution in Essentuki all hit the number of fat and fat woman, hardly move under the weight of its own weight, hardly hold them in a phaeton. It was they who were regular patients’ Tsanderovskogo institution.