Lose Weight And Be Healthy

To regain its former beauty and gracefulness adjust themselves to the fact that you work a lifetime of self-improvement, and in return get a good figure, good health and youthfulness. To this end, we recommend that you follow the recommendations that are based on the advice of western and domestic dietitians and fitness instructor. First rule: Exercise regularly. The most optimal training plan – three times a week. Try to give preference to swimming, aerobics, yoga and running, and even better race walking, as well as combine aerobic training with strength exercises. For example, two times a week – dancing, once – training in the gym. If You do not have the opportunity to attend fitness center, more walking, cycling, skiing, skating. Second rule: Remember the adage: "Eat breakfast himself, lunch to share with others and a supper give the enemy!". She appeared on purpose. In the morning you need a good meal. Cereal, pasta or a portion of potato puree, vegetable salad. Tea or juice. A bit later you can satisfy your hunger with fruit and yogurt. For lunch do not forget whole grains, vegetables, fish and poultry. Supper recommended for 4-5 hours before bedtime. And if you wanted to sleep eat, drink a glass of kefir. And refrain from snacking sweet biscuits, cakes, sweets in favor of the vegetables in fresh and dried. The third rule: Franck Olfin, Director of Nutrition Center for dietary and rehabilitation at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, recommends to follow the rule of "90 to 10, which indicates that 90% of food must be healthy, the other ten can make their favorite dishes at reasonable levels. The reason is that when people think of something prohibited, he starts all his soul to this endeavor! And denying his chips, he can break away and begin to absorb them in batches. If this happens, we should not blame themselves, better follow our rule, and sometimes allow yourself to enjoy a handful of favorite treats. Fourth rule: Drink more water without gas. Drink glass of water before a meal and eat it during the day. Regular consumption of water can fill the need for life-giving water and prevent stagnation of fluid in the body. The fifth rule: Listen to the experts, not advice of charlatans! If the excess weight became a problem for you, see your doctor! Together you will develop your personalized weight loss plan in accordance with the state of your health, age and lifestyle. Pass comprehensive medical examination. Sometimes the cause of excess weight is a slow metabolism due to unsatisfactory performance of the endocrine system or digestive tract. Conduct a comprehensive Therapy can help improve the health and positive impact on your figure!