LJS Violence

Conference of the regional office bullying, fights, sometimes even blindwutiges slamming for many young people is parental Lower Saxony on September 16, 2010, in the Academy of sport, Hanover, 10.00 to 17.00 violence action part of their normal interaction. As result, circumstances under which violence is violence situations accepted and how to intervene at an early stage? Youth protection of Lower Saxony is about the backgrounds of aggression in boys and girls and their attitudes to the violence within the framework of a seminar of the regional office. The second part discusses the possibilities and strategies of specific violence prevention based on practical examples. Aim of the regional office, to deal very carefully with the emergence of violent action. According to which rules evolve violence situations, when aggressive behavior is accepted and when not? “, so Andrea Buskotte, spokesperson for violence prevention at the LJS.” Just so we can be useful and effective concepts for working with violent Offer young people. Of course must be in gender-specific differences in observed and found a youth-oriented speech.” Violence as a means of establishing dominance and the implications for the educational opportunities are Dr. Cornelia Helfferich at the heart of the first lecture by Prof. of EV.

University of Freiburg. Just for boys from precarious social conditions, violence and aggression mean offers added value to masculinity and power. The appropriate acceptance of violence goes hand in hand with the devaluation of education and school of ambition. While girls can give each other good school performance, be ambitious boy than geek”bullied. Violence and distance education are cultivated to compensate their own deficits and maintain their self-esteem. Accordingly should be used for prevention work with boys on alternative concepts for the production of superiority: cunning, justice, wit, endurance and extracurricular qualifications can as alternative strategies for the production of masculinity positively occupied and used in the academic and extracurricular work.

This plays dealing with violence at eye level”a crucial role. Dr. Dirk Rohr of the University of Cologne reported systematic anti-training of violence of adolescents by peers, who were themselves violence day. “In the context of his successful peer-to-peer” project Schlag.fertig “succeeds, a modified deal with violence youth justice effectively and credibly convey to young people. In another lecture, Dr. Mirja Silkenbeumer introduces gender violence prevention offers from the University of Hanover. While she focuses also on the acceptance of violence and violent behavior by girls and young women. Examples from the practice followed in the afternoon. In working groups shall examine, engage in their own work with violent young people leave the concepts presented. About news coverage to our event we would be delighted. We invite you to the Conference and for questions and interview requests to available.