For some years there within esotericism which are genus of “light workers” within the esoteric many game types and variants. Since about the mid-90s of the last century, also the light work has gone into the circle of the esoteric activity. You didn’t know the subject of the light work not necessarily new, is the genus but”Lightworkers so earlier. Light workers see themselves as spiritual warriors in a cosmic game of bright and dark energy (similar to the Star Wars films). Lightworkers are, as the name implies, on the side of light. You want by doing, so for her work”affect the battle in favor of the light.

Hence the name Lightworkers’. To certain methods are used, for example, the light in the spirit is visualized and sent to other people. Or an Exchange with alleged star siblings by channeling held it of (announcements from the spiritual world”). Or apply methods of spiritual healing as about Reiki. The background is always that there is a universal energy is (light), which can be used and manipulated by the user. Of course, this is based on imagination. Looking at our world, that the light work does nothing.

On the contrary, the conditions are getting worse. Also, light workers are exposed to a certain loss of reality, they often increase into their material and start to live in a fantasy world. That other light workers “supported, with which one has been dealing and finally has as only friends. Reminded of some consequences, as they are known among sects. However, if you attempt, if one believes, to have light workers, E.g. in the own family environment or circle of friends, loving reality due to these people. Brings not much to tell, only for crazy. It has shown, if such people are out there a while from their matter, a reference to the real world again slowly again find. Eckart Haase