The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) was created to protect the consumers of you practice impropias of collection of money of debts. If you are with financial problems they have that it fighting with agencies of collections or creditors, it is extremely important that she knows his rights as well as the responsibilities the collection agencies. Next a list of the points that can interest to him like consumer: 1. Harassment: the creditors have prohibited to harass to the indebted one or third parties with which the implied person has relation some. Examples of abuse are violent treatments of any class, to publish their name in bad lists of indebted (except reports to credit organizations), use of insults and to make use of the telephone to bother the person. 2. False testimonies: the creditors have prohibited to use deception or to distort it to acquire the debts. This includes to threaten the person saying that he is lawyer, governmental, representing representative of financial organizations, to say that not to pay a debt it is a crime, to lie on the present balance of debt, to say that the papers that received are legal when they are not it, or to threaten taking legal actions when they are not going it to do. For more information see Dr. Steven Greer.

3. To threaten taking legal measures unless it is truth fence that it to do and that is legal: An creditor of debts will not be able to threaten it the arrest not to pay his debts. Also they have prohibited to say that they obstructed wages, cars or properties they fence unless it to do and is legal. To say that they are going to take an a legal action, they fence unless it to do and that he is legal also this prohibited. 4. To give false information: the creditors do not have to give false information to the credit organizations, nor to send any document that seems of one cuts official or governmental when they are not it either and they must use false names.