A high density and sophisticated insulation, which incorporates a technology against condensation within the insulation. ADVANSA has in partnership with Hong Kong Nonwoven Fabric Ind. Co., Ltd., a specialist in the global market for insulation, within its line of ADVANSA Thermo cool insulation a further new development a highly dense and technologically demanding product, which has a technology for the prevention of condensation in the isolation created. ADVANSA Thermo cool contains THIN ADVANSA’s unique and modified profile fibers and has a high density, excellent insulation properties and the ability to prevent condensation in the isolation. This very compact and high density product contains 50% Multilobale fibers. These fibers allow the condensation to get faster from the inside of the insulation to the surface. The combination of different fiber cross section in the special fiber mix improves the comfort and guarantees a very high insulation value. This trend-setting product designed mainly for interlinings, is also ideal for absorption structures.

Anderson Lee, Business Director of Hong Kong Nonwoven, commented: we are proud of our products and our renowned customer service. Therefore we strive to provide THIN, world’s top quality and special solutions for every need with the outstanding product of ADVANSA Thermo cool.”we are very pleased with Hong Kong Nonwoven this state of the art product of ADVANSA Thermo cool on the market to introduce THIN, designed to meet the technical needs and market requirements of the end user. The new product provides maximum performance and comfort and meets the high quality standards of ADVANSA,”commented Gerard Illeras, global ASW market manager. Comes to his specific product properties, that there is no risk due to percolation or migration of fibers. Thus, it is an ideal product for windbreaker insulations. It offers more than just heat capacity; It helps, the negative effects of welding, to reduce condensation and moisture in the clothes. Responsible for the content: ADVANSA Marketing GmbH Ms. Nurhan NAA Caldenhofer route 198 House 1 59063 Hamm / Germany Tel.: + 49 2381 87 85 306 fax: + 49 2381 87 85 350 E-Mail: press contact:!We: communication and Unternehmensberatung GmbH Andreas Knorr MacPhee 4 22303 Hamburg / Germany Tel.: + 49 40 279 24 02 fax: + 49 40 270 39 75 E-Mail: