Kids Outdoor Games

Outdoor games for children of preschool age are an excellent way to develop motor skills. When the game is played in a group of children, they contribute to the overall development of the child developing his social, emotional and intellectual skills. Not to mention how much fun, joy and fun they bring to the child. The following are interesting outdoor activities and games for preschoolers. Ball game. That play this game, children must stand in a circle.

You are standing in the middle with the ball in his hand. Next, call your child's name and immediately throw the ball into the air. The child, whose name was called must catch the ball. After catching the ball, he takes your position calls the name of another child and throws the ball and so on. This game will definitely help children improve their response. Pasture. These outdoor games for preschoolers and kindergarten are designed to ensure that they learned something about insects.

In addition, it is one of the best outdoor games for large groups, as many children can play together. In this game you are acting as the leader and imitate insects found in the grass, such as ants, beetles, grasshoppers, bees, etc. children stand behind you and repeat what you are doing. When children move like a caterpillar, grasshopper, and buzzing like bees, they are very happy! Racing toffees. Other mobile games for children is 'Race toffees. " Divide the children into groups of five or seven each. Give each team a sheet. The rules of the game is that one of the players of each team must go on the sheet, but others have to drag him from the starting line up the finish line. The team that finishes the race first, is the winner. Catch-up in a circle. One of the most exciting outdoor games for young children is a game where they chase each other. You make a circle on the ground, from which the child can not go. If he does, he does not count, regardless of whether he was persecuted or not. Two children can play this fun game for a while. Indeed, this mobile game preschoolers that will promote physical and emotional sides of the child. Treasures of Nature. An interesting game is the treasure of nature, which can play both adults and children, especially when you are out of town for a picnic. To play this game moving for adults and children, divide the teams. Next, give each team a list of things, such as a red flower, two small fruit, feather birds, grasses, etc. team, which will bring each item in the minimum time is the winner. Freeze. If you think the idea of outdoor games for children, offer to play in freezing. Rules of the game consist in the fact that when the music plays, children must dance to it, and when it stops, they must remain in the same position, so far, no music will play again. Any child who is moving when the music is turned off, excluded from the game. The last remaining child is a winner. Here are a few outdoor games for preschoolers. If you play the games in the open air, you can get a lot of pleasure and fun, and these games can provide useful experience for children of preschool age.