Jutta Schutz

Jutta Schutz is a chance who is afflicted with these diseases every diabetic, migraine sufferers and other patients, determine that you can achieve much through diet. As already in her book suddenly diabetes”Jutta Schutz describes in a wonderful way, that the person who has the will to be healthy, can also be cured. Of course, it is easy and convenient to take insulin for a diabetic. But it is not good to eat much and are still healthier? It’s great to get better and every day to see more success a little – maybe to the cure? The author has touched on a topic in her book, which certainly do not like to see the pharmaceutical industry. It is an ancient form of diet was simply forgotten and again there is brand new! Thanks to Jutta Schutz, who themselves has cured type II is diabetes, because it happened on this diet. Many diabetics could be cured by a low-carbohydrate diet! How many drugs no longer would be needed? Sylvia Poth said: if I had the chance to eat me, healthy diet, this would be a dream come true for me! I’m sorry but terminally ill. This form of nutrition, as the author in her book is described, not only for diabetics, but also for many others, for example in Crohn’s disease, migraine, or cancer suffer, a chance to feed in addition to their therapy. I hope that many people follow this revolutionary diet.

It is optimal to run even a little light sport. Then the way of healing is often safe.” At the present time we are saturated food, it’s bad to eat off varied for any. If you also can’t eat everything, there are still many alternatives to complement. Jessica Hund says: even for vegetarians, it is possible to live without this variety and taste must be dispensed with after this carbohydrate diet form. With This is a bit of imagination well doable! Currently Jutta Schutz is working on a vegetarian cookbook in the many tasty and creative recipe ideas in the context of the low-carbohydrate diet will be presented.” So, this book is a veritable * crackers * and very important – you should have it. Everyone who has diabetes type II, or any other of the above diseases, can inform himself thoroughly in this small booklet about this form of nutrition. Unfortunately, most patients know only the medical term of her illness: what it is and how it affects. What you save the pills and therapies for opportunities has, unfortunately, only a few know. Everyone should understand that he should take this opportunity while you can eat healthy.