Juan South

When I starts up now I doesn t eat where I am I tells me lies when I eat now in the evening afirma ma am afirma tired and didn’t t ant I eat i say damn you liar see your eye ant dirnking that s why you neg ant ewant to come here RAMA Cay Cayo Rama is a very small island a mile in diameter in the Bluefields lagoon on the coast of the Caribbean of Nicaragua, is inhabited by several hundred Indians branch whose language ascentral has been almost completely replaced by a variety of different from the spoken Creole English for European afro Creoles in the nearby city of Bluefields. The different history and development of the two varieties linguistic paired with the nature of the contact between the speakers communities have led to differences in all linguistic levels that in some way impede mutual understanding. The branch appear to be the remnant of a speaker group macro – chibchaan that once occupied a larger area but was decimated and displaced during contact with the Spanish, English and mosquito. It seems possible that their ancestors inhabited the area around l rio de San > Juan South, which today forms the border with cost Rica, but the majority of the Group has lived in Cayo Rama from late 18th century. They were subjected by the mosquito who pay them or sold them to slavery, mid-century 19th allies met two missionaries Moravians, a husband and a wife who came to live to your hila to convert them, since they were so few in number and that the men already knew some English trade in Bluefields, the couple German speaker decided to not learn Ramam but teach the Gospels in English. The mosquito King, a convert not allowed that his men attacked Gaius branch and the pair of missionaries became virtual rulers.