Joints Diseases

Arthritis – a disease that is characterized by inflammation in the joints. Typically, the main symptoms of arthritis – it is painful in joints, for any state. The appearance of fever, swelling, reddening of the skin, difficulty in movement – all these are also symptoms of arthritis. There is a monoartrit – inflammation of a joint, and arthritis – inflammation of multiple joints. Acute and chronic arthritis – forms to divide the disease. You can not always predict the occurrence of acute arthritis, characterized by a very severe pains in the joints.

As a rule, chronic arthritis may develop over the years, with not necessarily the presence of severe pain in the joints. Arthritis can be caused by infectious diseases, nervous system diseases, injuries, bruises and other past diseases. There are about 30 species arthritis, based on this, we can judge the diverse causes of the disease. Methods of treatment of arthritis are determined after the established causes of disease. You should also pay attention to the degree of development disease.

Osteoarthritis is manifested in the early aging of cartilage of joints and their destruction. Osteoarthritis occurs "because of" the influence of different loads on joints, often associated with professional activities. Can say that the symptoms of osteoarthritis usually appear in older people. Osteoarthritis is manifested by pains in the knee joints at a certain load. The hip and knee joints most often affected arthritis. Treatment the first signs of arthritis will ensure that the cartilage and joints in an acceptable condition. Surgical intervention – is the only option that allows you to replace the affected joint. K resort to surgery if other treatment does not work.