Jacques Diagnosis

Of this form, them they make a distinguishing diagnosis with certain degree of difficulty, but its contribution in the process of the transference leaves later and, in continuation of the therapeutical process. In accordance with Zbrun (2010), some questionings serve as introduction to the quarrels, today gifts in the Freudiano Field, on the thematic one of the diagnosis that differentiates psychosis and usual psychosis. How is unchained a psychosis? Since when if it can affirm that the citizen started to present a psychotic picture? In the preliminary interviews, which are the 0 variable that indicate this diagnosis? These are questions with which if it collates in the clinical front to the challenge not to withdraw ahead of the psychosis, as Lacan it announces, and front to the theoretical activity to think the psychoanalysis to start for the psychoses, in accordance with Jacques-Alain Miller. Miller (2005) apud Zbrun (2010) sample that the distinguishing clinic of the psychoses appears normally because, the diagnosis of these is guided for the neurosis. So that if it says that the psychosis is initial data and what if normality flame can be understood as ' ' superimposition of a symptom on the proper one psicose' ' (p.1), this inversion becomes with priority. Miller (2005) apud Zbrun (2010), searching to elucidate the conflict of the distinguishing clinic, considers as its estimated a universal clinic of the delirium, that has as central idea the fact of that the speech of the citizen in the truth consists as a defense against the Real. Rose (2009) sample that the appearance of the term ' ' psychosis ordinria' ' it occurs in a debate on the psychosis carried through for psychoanalysts joined to the Freudiano Field, in conversations made between 1996 and 1998. Between these quarrels, sobressai the one that occurred in Arcachon (1997) having as main subject, the difficult cases or same that did not have classification in the psicanaltica clinic.