Infantile Psychiatry

After that it presents the concept of family and the consequences of this violence next to family. In the finishing the normative laws are presented and that endorse the right the familiar convivncia. 1? Parental alienation: concepts and clarifications In accordance with Wound-Sheep (2008), who first described the Syndrome of the Parental Alienation were Richard Gardner, professor of the Clinic of Infantile Psychiatry of the University of Columbia, in 1985. Gardner if relates to the Parental Alienation as a process where one of the genitors programs the child to hate, unjustifiedly, the other genitor. The author points that, so that if can understand the Alienation Parental is important to understand, first, what he occurs in the separation process. Although the divorce is, to the times, the best solution for the couple whose members are not considered capable to continue trying to exceed its difficulties of relationship, it always is lived deeply as a painful and extremely estressante situation. The separation provokes in the spouses feelings of failure, impotence and loss, having one I fight to be elaborated.

(FRES-CARNEIRO. 2008, p.63). In these processes it happens what Wound-Sheep defines as ' ' death while still alive ' ' , that is, the other dies for me and I mount in the mind of the other. This process deflagra in the child ' ' conflict of loyalty exclusiva' ' where it has that to choose for one of the parents. Of this form, the parental function and the conjugal function if mesclam and they are not distinguished with clarity having provoked an emotional confusion in the child transforming it into field from dispute for the couple. Brave (2008) discourses on some facts that can culminate in the Syndrome of the Parental Alienation, amongst them: a new partner, the interference of familiar in the relationship of the couple (mainly when this is formed by adolescents) and the conjugal violence.