India Treatments

Guests with the PINDA Sweda can also “-treatment, a massage with hot stamps, pampered.” The herbal stamp are filled with special powder and herbs and then as a massage to reduce fat and used to tighten the skin. The stamp massage for cellulite and muscle tension is especially recommended, it looks very strongly cleansing and detoxifying. Daily Kalari Yoga supports the effect of the treatments in addition to the various treatments all Ayurveda packages include a general advice from the Indian Ayurveda doctor, as well as daily Kalari Yoga with the Indian Masters. The traditional exercises of Kalari Yoga work not only relaxing and harmonising effect on body, mind and soul, but strengthen the muscles also. Twice-daily show the Indian Masters, such as with Kalari-Yoga stress and stimulates the energy flow of the body will.

For an all-round feeling of well-being thermal bathing should be done because bathing in the warm, mineral-containing thermal water, the circulation also increases. Light and healthy Ayurvedic diet on request for an optimal effect of Ayurvedic treatments recommend the Larimar the delicious Ayurvedic meals, gladly prepared on request from the Larimar kitchen team. Special spices and herbs that were brought to the part by doctors from India itself, stimulate the metabolism, causing excess fat can be burned even better and so the body is cleaned from the inside. Ayurvedic dishes are easy, include lots of vegetables and thus many vitamins and nutrients. There are Ayurvedic teas that support the detoxification in a natural way; also ginger water helps to clean the body. More life energy with Ayurveda Ayurveda is aimed at people who want to very gently detoxify the body. Special exercises help natural balance return and to gain new vitality.

After the Indian health teachings, every human being is determined by three “constitutional types”, the so-called doshas (vata, pitta, kapha). Ayurveda treatments, carried out by the Indian Kalaripayattu masters, make sure to get the dynamic equilibrium of the doshas and to activate the self-healing powers of the organism; because an excess of kapha for example ensures that kilos lighter sit on. Therefore a noticeable effect can be achieved by kapha-reducing meals and treatments. Ayurvedic treatments help to get rid of superfluous ballast and to detoxify the body. It is always the whole person in the Center. Basic services of the Ayurveda Wellness feel service at Larimar Hotel: consultation with the Indian Ayurvedic doctor and provision of the Constitution type (vata, pitta, kapha) light daily Kalari Yoga with Larimar culinary masters Ayurvedic diet on request or from the gourmet – and vital kitchen -. Individually tuned vital breakfast buffet with Ayurveda corner lunch buffet with soup, salads and crudites 6 course menu of choice in the evening Ayurvedic tea in your room > 4,000 m Hotel Larimar Spa with sauna use the family spa Stegersbach (born in bathrobe) > Larimar wellness programme with fitness and relaxation training > purifying steam bath ceremonies and much more.