Improvise Cook

When I first started to learn the kitchen and cooking utensils I prepared strictly according to the cookbook, compiled by my grandmother and have supplemented my mom. But the ever-troubled accurate (albeit circular) tsyfry quantity (weight, volume) of the required ingredients. Do not be delicious dish or does not work, if not put 100 grams of sugar, and 115 or 87? I'm not very fond of sugary-sweet food, so I started experimenting. At first I was shift or nedokladyvat products. That'll put a little less sugar, then add sour cream and yogurt. And then he completely changed the recipe: I wanted to see in a fish cake olives – please add no doubt, or confuse the tomatoes in tomato sauce – Well, would not SOSUS tomato and sour cream … In general, creativity 'poperlo'! Dishes alter, sometimes drastically. Now, I generally cook without a recipe, and much zamorochennye dishes – only occasionally peeping, to get all the same what I want to cook, but not pilaf instead of lasagna with bolognese sauce:) When I just cook, for example, a dinner without any special planned meals before the end I do not know what I will.

In the process of cooking add some new ingredients, something is replaced, removed … I only know what type of food will, for example, such a side dish so something to something, or some soup or pancakes … And trifle added during cooking. After all, in small ways and determined personality of the wizard. So bold experiment, create, and surprise their loved ones with new dishes! In my opinion, the recipes devised only as a support for cooking, and if something is obtained only at a very, very strict accordance recipe, then it is not cooking, and alchemy. For me, cooking is not just everyday tedious – is infinitely more! It flight of fancy, fantasy, feelings for harmony and embodiment of their desires into something tangible. That is why you need only cook in a good mood and kindness.