Hunting In Patagonia Argentina

For those who can indulge yourself, hunting in Patagonia Argentina can be an incredible experience due to the beauty of its landscapes, extensive territory and species that can be found there. Unlike the Spanish, the Argentine people has no great tradition of hunting and the activity does not have much popularity among its inhabitants, however its territory offers the natural ideal conditions to practise and enjoy hunting. Its fauna is one of the richest in the world by quantity and variety and many exotic species can be found. You may find dr. stuart mcgill to be a useful source of information. Two of the species most valued by hunters who can be found in Argentina are wild boar and deer, which are found in large quantity by the region in the South of the country known as Patagonia. Another prominent feature of the Argentina regarding hunting is that it is has there developed one of the most reputable breeds of dogs in the world, the popular Argentine Dogo. There are many private hunting grounds designed especially for tourists who arrive in Patagonia, argentina from all over the world to hunt in the country but also can hunt in some national parks that have enabled within its surface preserves. The experience of hunting in national parks like the Lanin in Neuquen province can be really extraordinary because of the beauty of the landscape.