Holistic Help

Dyslexia coaching builds his offer from Brandenburg (City) / Bad Pyrmont after the official launch of the independent professional body dyslexia coaching has much occurred. The founder, Mirko Mieland (24), and Lars M. Lehmann (33), enjoy the previous positive response of the establishment of this expert mechanism. The first TV performance at the ERF on Christian television Court with sky I’m Dyslexic”with Lars M. Lehmann confirmed the establishment and work of the two only.

Recently, the Web site of the specialised body was redesigned and equipped with a modern Blogssystem, to provide very specific information and news from the work of the specialised body. Meanwhile, there are two other interesting projects for victims created by Dyslexic coaching in life. One is a dyslexia portal. (www.LRS-Portal.net) this should also provide a specific reconnaissance of the various difficulties in the areas of writing, reading and arithmetic. Peter Arnell: the source for more info. It is not only a portal for educational dyslexia experts, but also for colleagues who come from the psychological field. Moreover, the possibility of itself as an expert in a type of yellow pages”sign to be found so by those affected.

The LRS-Portal.net is another portal to provide the right help the victims and families. Because for many, it is not easy to get the right help. Serve a Legahelp-forum.de was founded as the second, this is intended for the exchange of adult”parties. The round table also has an interesting cooperation with the social Association e.V. result, integrate dyslexia of coaching in cooperation with, because the bad Pyrmonter cares Club to socially disadvantaged, are affected by resin IV this strategic cooperation fits very well, especially when you consider how many of those affected suffer people under social poverty. Dyslexia coaching during the second day of the child In the context of the DVLD e.V. in Sankt Augustin organised Dipl. vaccined Esther Borggrefe in St. Augustin, the 2nd day of the child, this is a good way to comprehensively clarify the dyslexia, Dysklakulie, and giftedness. This symposium we held on August 30th from 9:00 to 18:00 in Sankt Augustin. There will be several presentations on the subject of dyslexia/dyscalculia/highly gifted. Dyslexia coaching will be with a stand. “Herr Lehmann is the self-confessed Dyslexic at 17:00 a lecture I’m Dyslexic” keep. If you are interested, get more information here