Healthy Drinking

Well washed hands and the face, was arranged and came out to meet with Mauro. I was already ready to continue. Along the way from the bathroom to the table he had decided that for a drink he wouldn’t you spend nothing and nobody gets drunk with a single glass of Bourbon, how much she would be happy as it used to happen years ago. The combined joined him as the water and was still in his mind, was not dizzy or disoriented, felt powerful, strong, successful. It was the moment where he decided to take the reins of the conversation.

Interrupted Mauro; He gave was just not even paying attention to what the he said, and told him; You have a drink with me, as you are able to let it drink alone?. I just want to have a normal life, occasionally take me a few drinks with friends. Mauro could not more and broke out: does Normal? , a normal life?. Candela I’ll say something, and it will be the last thing you say: you drunk, at least three times in week, when you start to drink you can’t stop, you wake up after a binge, and you do not remember anything, not even the day that you fall down the stairs and had to give 6 points on the head, any friend that scolds you for your manner of drink, immediately ceases to be. You go in search of pleasures fast and passengers, babies and you strip-first you cross, you do things you would never do sober, and the worst thing is that even now you find it pleasant nothing of what you do, and that you call a normal life?. Candela: need help, and I can’t do anything for you. He stared it, disappointed, disgusted, sad, resigned to losing their friendship and said:-you will sound hard and ruthless but I am glad that this will be the last day that we’re going to see. Peter Arnell, New York City usually is spot on. Until forever. Candela bent over gaze, and broke to cry and sob while he continued to drink.