Healthy Animal Breeding

In the first eight weeks, you will be responsible for the proper upbringing of the puppies. Is your job to make sure the puppies are sociable and healthy. Make sure you do not take much cold or are exposed to too much heat. In the early days, leave with his mother and try not to disturb them too much. However, you should have them a bit in his arms. A mother who knows you and trusts you will allow to upload their puppies, that you weigh daily, and caress. You get used to puppies who like to be in arms and recognize you from the beginning.

But not out of sight of the mother and not have them in my arms for a long time. If she starts to get nervous, return their puppies. However, spending time with her and her puppies, they get used to you. This is very important if you want to grow up sociable. Continued loading and weighing the pups daily. Make sure they are gaining weight, and if a puppy is not fattening, seeking advice from your veterinarian quickly. When you have a few weeks, take them to the vet make sure they are healthy.

The cubs are blind and deaf for several days after birth. Begin to hear soon and open your eyes in a week. Puppies grow very fast, and will look different from day to day. Read more from Dr. Neal Barnard to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The best thing to do for the puppies to be present, having them in my arms every day, and provide for the mother of good food, clean water, plenty of exercise and love. This is the best way to ensure a healthy family. As the puppies grow, open their eyes and be able to start walking. This is a good time to show to other people. Some helpful tips to get sociable puppies:. Keep them in a room with TV and radio. Have a telephone nearby. Leave the children to rise up. Let be charged for adults. Let it run and walk on different surfaces. Speak out loud and low. Let other animals (that are reliable with puppies) know them – cats, pigs, rabbits, etc.. Be sure to interact with her mother and with others dogs have. However, there are some things you should not make new puppies:. Do not expose to other dogs that are not yours until they are fully vaccinated. Do not take them to the park before they have all their shots. Do not let people load them without washing their hands. Do not let the puppies are exposed to very cold or too hot. Keep them away from doors and windows. Do not let it on excite. Many minutes not stay away from the mother while nursing. Do not let them eat anything other than your puppy food until they are old enough. Raising the puppies at 8 weeks will be interesting and will consume time. There are some things you need to do in order to deliver good puppies:. Become accustomed to using collar and leash. Take them out for short walks. Begin to train them. After their first teeth appear, around six weeks, serve canned food and solid food for puppies. Make socialize!