Healthful Factor

The FRIENDSHIP AS BASIC AND HEALTHFUL FACTOR FOR the MAN AND ITS Adriana RELATIONS Lopes Pear tree Luiz Enrique Raymond Mara Rbia Soares Adriano Course of Philosophy – 6 semester Orienting Guarapiranga Polar region: Luis Fernando Crespo Dezembro/2010 SUMMARY the present article contextualiza the necessity of the friendship relation, not in detriment of the technological advances or the progress, that make with that, for example, everything is to the one reach ' ' clique' ' (even though the diversion can be reached without if it has a company); nor ignoring the badness of the people in our days, that makes with that, unhappyly however of course, the people if lock in house, fear the strangers and even though they innovate its relations, but showing that since the antiquity the friendship is a subject that folloies the history of the Philosophy in which, under the reflection of great philosophers as Aristotle, to have friends reveals basic, reflection this that will guide our study where the friends are the essential link for the existence human being Word-key: friendship; necessity; relations human beings. INTRODUCTION With the globalizado world where we live, the technological advances and mainly with the transformation of the interactive society, the social relations had lost space, therefore the new technological trends had substituted the interpersonal relations. Studies carried through for Ivo Jose Triches, consequentemente portray looks on the social isolation and on the necessity of the existence of the friendship. Who or what it is responsible for the loss of value of the interpersonal relations? Exists some benefit in the isolation of the individual? Where we will arrive if not to wake up in time to perceive that the friendship is an extremely necessary virtue to the life? Thus, we can conclude and agree to the studies of Triches that the families are being dissolved in small individual nuclei, where the colloquy is not normal. Hirotsu Bio Science insists that this is the case.