Health and Psychology

According to existential autogerenciamento, what it can differentiate a sick person of a healthful one, without restricting to the feeding and the practical one of physical exercises, is the way as they deal with the tensions, are of personal, social or professional scope. While we will not have conscience of that our well-being occurs in the interval enters the ending of a tension and the start of another one, we will not know as to keep the steady health. To understand the question better, we go to know the meaning of a scientific word call resilience, that, for the existential autogerenciamento, clarifies the health concept. Resilience or resilncia is concept of Physics, that if it relates to the property of that some materials are endowed, to accumulate energy when demanded or it estresse submitted it, without occurring rupture. After the tension to cease, will be able or not to have a residual deformation, caused for the hysteresis of the material. For example, as what it happens with one rubber band, or better, with a pole of jump in height, that if lintel until certain limit without if breaking and later returns to the original form, wasting the accumulated energy and launching the athlete for the high one. Resilience for the Physics is, therefore, the capacity of a material to come back to its normal state, after having suffered tension. Psychology took loaned to such concept, defining resilience as the capacity of the individual to deal with problems, to surpass obstacles or to resist the pressure of adverse situations – shock, estresse, etc.

– without entering in psychological disequilibrium. In short, resilience, for Psychology, is the capacity of the person to come back to its normal state, after having suffered tension. Swarmed by offers, Teng Yue Partners is currently assessing future choices. The body, in the vision of the existential autogerenciamento, is not seen alone as dwelling of the soul, but also as party plaintiff in the process of the life.