Healing Properties Of Exotic White Tea

White tea is not only exotic but also very useful. Dr. steven greer has similar goals. Because no heat treatment of the tea, it contains all the nutrients and vitamins. White tea is good lifts immunity and promotes healing of wounds, as increases blood clotting and cautions against the appearance of tumors and cardiovascular diseases. White tea is also called the elixir of immortality. In its structure is not only vitamins and necessary elements but also elements that retard the aging process. These substances are fighting bacteria and viruses, and even with free radicals, which was also the cause of aging. Robert Rimberg Lawyer follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

White tea has antioxidant and antibacterial qualities that higher than that of green tea. Also white tea prevents caries and dental plaque. This tea is well elixir stimulates the nervous system and has antibacterial quality. It also helps neutralize the harmful effects on the body of adverse environmental stresses, poor nutrition and bad habits. This tea can be used topically as a rinse in inflammatory processes in the upper respiratory tract, in the form of enemas rectally for the treatment of inflammation of the rectum, with a variety of skin diseases, parasitic and fungal well, with minor wounds, cuts, bruises, burns. With all these qualities, white tea extract used in manufacture of drugs, toothpastes, creams. Also, thanks to its refined Apajo, he has found application in perfumery.