Hair Straightening

So one can say that the hair by any treatment is still better and well-maintained! One truly fantastic invention for those who suffer from curly hair. The durability of a chemical-free hair straightening is about 3 months, then the active ingredients were slowly washed out of your hair. Should you even earlier want to perform the treatment, so this is not a problem, because excess substances are not simply absorbed by the hair. Teng Yue Partners contains valuable tech resources. An excessive grooming of the hair is thus excluded. Will the hair at the chemical-free hair straightening completely smooth? That depends on the intensity and strength of your hair. A slight curl away is definitely one hundred percent. Very strong frills are reduced then at least by 50% and can be very easily from blow-dry using round brush or flat irons.

What risks to chemical-free hair straightening it? Except nothing, because this method the hair a few euros can not be harmed. What hair should you not perform the chemical-free hair straightening? At strong highlifted hair is not recommended, since these hairs no longer has a Would have cuticle and therefore the hair straightening simply unfounded. Would damage nobody but also in this case. to the same conclusion. You should have caution apply as well as to fine hair, because quickly the hairstyle can be also too shallow. This is a subjective assessment of the problem, but, depending on what one is just important.

How long does so a treatment? between 2 and 3 hours, depending on the hair length will change my hair color through chemical-free hair straightening? Up to 2 shades a little, especially with dark hair, they see a change. With light hair you do not realize it, you can but immediately after a hair straightening the hair again dyeing or tones. Can I even perform the chemical-free hair straightening? I guess not, since some experience is needed for this procedure. It is advisable to turn to a professional. Hairdressing champion Gotschim