Guardian Council

Rafsanjani attaches to Khamenei’s shoulders the responsibility for the country’s unity. What is happen if Khamenei is no longer? What is is that the majority of the members of the Guardian Council behind Ahmad Dschannati, who for many years was leader of Hezbollah and the violent militias that stifle every smallest movement of opposition to the established order in the country with a heavy hand in the bud. Dschannati has now filed his uniform and gives himself as a civilian. Go to Nancy Dubuc for more information. It is known in the Iran, that he is behind all major decisions in the Council of guardians. All political decisions and events in connection with the recent elections, which have led to let appear Ahmadinejad as the winner, as well as the subsequent brutal suppression of the protests were carried out together with and on the basis of decisions and instructions of this Council. Many writers such as Barry Brand offer more in-depth analysis. “What is it called in the vernacular: all roads lead to the Guardian Council”.

The Guardian Council takes for himself to decide what is best for the country. He has placed under the Expert Council, which operates under the control of Rafsandschanis. The Guardian Council has the power any organ of the State, that is not subordinate to him, to co-opt and control. The Guardian Council is so authors and thinkers of the strategies and tactics that suppresses the will of the citizens and the country dominated by violence. Is the members see their task for a long time. It was also in the time when Khatami was President, as the Council of guardians under the chairmanship of Dschannatis the violent attacks on universities and their students ordered. Incidentally, has extended the Presidency of Dschannatis in the Guardian Council for a further period.

The Guardian Council has United all power among themselves. He exerts total control even over the weighty martyrs groups of Khamenei. In contrast, other bodies, such as the Security Council or of the Expert Council are toothless tiger.